Design Tech Philosophy

  • Design Tech PHILOSOPHY 

    The PCCA Design Tech Department offers student the opportunity to gain, expand and apply  technical abilities in the areas of Lighting, Scenic, Costume and Sound Design as well as Stage Management. The Design Tech Department’s intention is to prepare students for further study in the areas of technical theatre, multi-media, crew work, theatrical design and theatre management. We teach students the means to communicate their ideas artistical by mean of both theoretical design and practical hands on experience.


    To gain knowledge and experience in as many of the technical areas as possible
    To develop the skills to communicate visual concepts both artistically, mechanically and verbally
    To perceive the importance of taking direction, learning  leadership skills and working with one’s peers.
    To develop an awareness of career opportunities and the appropriate advanced training, college or professional experience that is necessary to pursue a career in technical theatre and theatre management.
    To develop a personal sense of professionalism as well as the ability to set high artistic goals and obtain them.


    Contact the Pinellas County Center for the Arts by calling 727-893-5452 Ext. 2029 and tell us that you are interested in applying for technical theatre training in the Design Tech Department.

    Student Reflections

    Words from our Design Tech Students:

    Technical Theatre has prepared me for the professional world both artistically and mentally.  My four years in PCCA were spent in a close and friendly family environment.
    – Kristen Kochanik class of 2007
    For my production work this semester, I performed the task of Master Electrician for the performance of Macbeth. I think being a senior has made me realize the true goal of technicians which is not only to perform your job to the fullest, but to perform any job you have to to make sure the show goes on.
    Prior to beginning rehearsals for the show, I was imagining it would be like any other show I’d worked. After attending the first day of rehearsal, I felt as though a new duty had been bestowed on me. I guess it’s just something that hits you when you begin working as a senior in tech. You’re no longer going to rehearsals because you have to, but because you want to make sure everything in the show goes according to plan and you want to see your fellow peers succeed. Watching the technical aspects of the show really blend with the acting portion took a new form when technicians became cameos in the actual live performance as soldiers patrolling Macbeth’s castle from the catwalk.
    Teching Macbeth was a whole new experience for me in more than one way. I got a big refresher on how to correctly use the light board, and learned a lot of new things I didn’t know about previously, For instance, Mr. Reid showed Jeremy and I how to write FX cues into live show cues. This was really helpful.
    As the show came closer to performance, I realized how critical it is to get all of the paperwork for a design and senior project done BEFORE tech week and the live show. Not only is the paperwork necessary for completing the design, it is vital to executing tasks correctly and with ease. I’m glad I took this job for Macbeth and I really think watching another student complete his senior project will help me complete mine.
    Matt Doucette Class of 2012 
    This fall at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts, we produced the play Macbeth in which I was the Assistant Stage Manager. During the run of the show, I logged one hundred and twenty three hours. In the first weeks of rehearsal, I put together a prompt book and stayed on book for the actors while the Stage Manager recorded blocking. Once we started rehearsing on the set, it was my job to make sure all the actors and technicians signed in. During this time I also found anything dangerous in the set and made it safe. For example, I glow taped stairs and made sure no nails were sticking out of the set pieces. In the week of the show, it was my job to stay on headset the entire time with the Stage Manager, getting off only to make sure everyone was being quiet back stage and to call places. I feel like I learned a lot from this experience. Being my first show of my freshman year, I really tried to learn all I could about how things are done at PCCA and I feel I succeeded in that. As I was Assistant Stage Manager, I also had the opportunity to help out with the sound and lighting designers. I learned to use roto-lock clamps to hang pipes across the grid and how to run XLR cable to make the monitors work. Over the six weeks we rehearsed Macbeth, I learned so much and had so much fun. I love doing this and am very grateful for this experience.
    Jonah Free Class of 2015