Welcome to PCCA Theatre!

    General Goals

    It is the goal of the Theatre Program to assist each student:

    To grow in knowledge, skill and the creative practice of the chosen art form of theatre in conjunction with a complete academic program.

    To develop and heighten awareness of contemporary issues and ideas in theatre through study, practice, and exposure to exemplary theatrical forms and processes.

    To continue to develop and exhibit self-discipline in pursuit of their chosen field.

    To perceive the interrelationship between theatre, the related arts and other disciplines and areas of study.

    To develop leadership abilities through active participation an/or membership in a variety of school and community settings.

    To participate in a variety of ensembles and performances within PCCA and in the community.

    To develop critical skills that describe, interpret, and refine one’s responses to works of theatre.

    Areas of Study and Curriculum

    This department offers three possible major study focuses; Performance Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Literary Theatre. All students must have at least 12 PCCA credits to graduate.The PCCA Musical, Performance and Technical Theatre Departments performed at the American High School Theatre Festival as part of the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. We are one of 20 high schools throughout the country who were selected to perform in that session. Students and faculty traveled to Scotland from August 4th through the 17th of 2009!

    Special thanks to all of the wonderful people who made donations and made this trip possible!