Theatre Careers

  • Theatre Careers The theatre department offers three possible major study focuses; Performance Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Literary Theatre, as well opportunities to gain experience in Technical Theatre.

    Theatre Job Areas
    Direction, Design,
    Technical, Management,
    Performance, Education/Instruction,
    Theatre History/Dramaturgy, Theatre/Film Criticism, Writing

    Related Job Areas

    Talent Representation, Labor Relations, Producing, Advertising/Marketing, Radio/TV, Public Affairs,
    Announcing, Ticket Sales, Training & Coordination, Development, Public Relations,
    Hospitality/Hotel & Restaurant Administration,
    Journalism, Education, Communications,
    Management, History, & Law

    Sample Careers in Theatre

    Performance Actors perform in stage, radio, television, video, or motion picture productions. They also work in cabarets, nightclubs, theme parks, and commercials, and in industrial films produced for training and educational purposes.

    Performance Jobs Include:
    Actor/Actress, Stand-In (film work), Comedian/Impersonator, Stunt Coordinator, Theme Park Entertainer

    Directors Directors are responsible for the creative decisions of a production. They interpret scripts, express concepts to designers, audition and select cast members, conduct rehearsals, and direct the work of cast and crew. Directors approve the design elements of a production, including set, costume, lights, and sound. They unify their work with the work of the actors, choreographer, musical director.
    Direction Jobs Include:
    Director, Assistant Director, Artistic Director, Stage Manager, Casting Director, Musical Director, Choreographer

    Theatre Management Managers handle the day-to-day operation of the theatre.

    Management Jobs include:
    Artistic Director, Theatre Manager, House Manager, Concession Manager, Company Manager, Box Office Manager, Production Manager, Event Coordinator
    Related Management Jobs include:
    Agent, Talent Manager, Producer, Production Assistant, Booking Agent, Movie Theatre Manager, Animal Talent Coordinator


    Some actors, designers and technicians also teach in high school or university drama departments, acting conservatories, or public programs.
    Instruction Jobs include:
    Acting/Script Coach, Arts and Education Coordinator, Theatre Historian, High School Drama Teacher, College Professor (MFA or PhD required), Author of Theatre Textbooks

    Writers write for the stage, film, television, print media or radio.

    Writing Jobs include:
    Playwright, Broadcast Journalist, Entertainment Writer/Editor, Theatre/Film Critic, Screen Writers, Comedy Writers

    Related Jobs

    Students trained in theatre arts will gain many skills needed to succeed in the following areas:

    Radio/TV Announcer, Ticket Sales Coordinator, Art Director, Sales Representative, Public Relations Specialist, Student Affairs Specialist, Costumer Service Manager, Special Events Coordinator, Labor Relations Training & Development Specialist, Tourism Director/Guide, Media Salesperson, Mediator, Advertising/Marketing, Public Affairs Officer, Lawyer, Recruiter, Development Officer, Admissions Director, Human Resource Specialist.