Resources for Journalists

  • Pinellas County Schools is the ninth-largest school district in Florida, serving more than 90,000 students at 132 schools. With more than 17,000 employees, the school district is the largest employer in the county. The vision of Pinellas County Schools is 100 percent student success. We encourage parents, business leaders and community members to partner with us in our mission to educate and prepare each student for college, career and life.

    Reporters looking for information on PCS or stories can call Public Information Officer, Isabel Mascareñas at 727-588-6501 or send an email to or to the Strategic Communications office at 727-588-6122 or send an email to

    Public Records Requests

    All public records of the School Board of Pinellas County made or received in connection with the official business of the Board and the School District will be made available upon request of any person for inspection, examination, and copying in accordance with applicable law and the following guidelines:
    • The District will not create records in order to respond to a request, but will provide existing records, in whatever form those records exist.
    •  Depending on the nature of the request, a service charge will be imposed if identifying, locating, compiling, reviewing, and redacting personal student or employee information takes more than 15 minutes to complete. This service charge will be computed to the nearest quarter hour, exceeding 15 minutes, based on the current rate of pay of the district employee(s) and/or supervisors who perform these services. Estimates will be provided before any work is undertaken.
    •  Individuals are encouraged, but not required, to submit requests in writing identifying the specific records they desire to inspect or copy.
    Public records are satisfied in the order in which they are received. They are fulfilled, according to statute, in a timely manner. Bear in mind that the district can have dozens of public records requests pending at any time. To submit a public records request, contact the Public Information Officer, Isabel Mascareñas at

    Reporting and Filming on Campus

    Prior clearance is required to conduct interviews, film or photographs on school campuses, inside classrooms, or any other area that is restricted. Please contact Public Information Officer, Isabel Mascareñas at 727-588-6501 or send an email to to coordinate a video, photograph or interview request.
    If you want existing video footage or photographs of Pinellas County Schools, please contact Public Information Officer, Isabel Mascareñas at 727-588-6501 or send an email to

    Follow PCS News

    Pinellas County Schools produces several stories for the PCS Newsroom, posts broadcast news segments on the district’s YouTube page and for the district’s social media visit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    If you are a member of the news media, you can receive news releases from Pinellas County Schools. If you would like to be added to the media distribution list, please email Public Information Officer, Isabel Mascareñas at