Educational Alternative - Graduation Enhancement Program

  • Graduation Enhancement Program (GEP) - High School

    The Graduation Enhancement Program (GEP) is a program offered to students through an Educational Alternative model at most traditional high schools.  The program is structured to allow for completion of graduation requirements mostly through Edmentum courseware. Entrance into the program is on a space available basis using the following preference order:

    • At-risk seniors in danger of not graduating
    • Students whose school transfer status makes it difficult to complete required credits for on-time graduation
    • Students who need to obtain on track status prior to the senior year
    • Other students as deemed necessary by the school administration (i.e. truancy concerns, etc.)


    Due to the academic needs of the students and one-on-one assistance that the teacher-facilitator will provide, program capacity is limited for each high school.

    While students will qualify for admission into a two year college, it is important to know that students completing the program may not be competitive or qualified for admission into four year colleges, nor will they qualify for immediate eligibility with the NCAA.

    Students will be enrolled in computer based / blended instruction courses utilizing Edmentum and facilitated by the high school teacher.  A second teacher, who is certified in the subject, will be available for virtual content tutoring and assistance.

    Students will be co-enrolled in at least four computer based Edmentum classes under GEP teachers of record. The remainder of the students' schedules will be determined by their school based counselor or designee. In general, students will work in a computer lab for most of the day on their Edmentum courseware.