Overview & Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement:

    All Northeast students will graduate prepared for college and career.
    Core Values:
    • Students, teachers, parents, business partners and the community share the responsibility for implementing our school’s mission.
    • A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.
    • Students learn most effectively when they are active participants in their learning process.
    • Literacy should be an emphasized and an ongoing school-wide objective.
    • Students should be provided opportunities for real world experiences, with an emphasis on college and career ready academies.
    • Through the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) college readiness system, students will become active learners preparing themselves for entry into college.
      Three Keys to Success:
      • Attendance: Students attend classes daily, arrive timely to class, and prepared mentally for learning.
      • Attitude:  Students exhibit relationship, scholarship, sportsmanship, citizenship, leadership, and partnership.
      • Achievement:  Students submit all assigned tasks and never accept zeroes for any assignment. 
    Northeast High School is a four year, comprehensive high school, with a current enrollment of nearly 1,700 students. It ranks as one of the largest high schools in the Pinellas County School System and it serves a diverse student population with programs designed to meet the needs of a wide range of abilities and interests. These programs include certified career academies in which students can earn college credit and an industry ceritifcation, Advanced Placement courses, on campus dual enrollment courses taught through St. Petersburg College, the AVID program, community based instruction programs and much more.






    Alma Mater


    Northeast is our banner 
    May it ever fly, 
    Made of truth and spirit 
    Never let it die. 

    Shout its praise and glory 
    Shout it to the sky 
    Loyalty and victory 
    Be our battle cry. 

    Northeast we salute you 
    In classroom and on field 
    Memories and truth complete 
    These we'll never yield 

    We will sing thy praises 
    When from thee we roam 
    Ever praise and glory 
    Northeast halls our home.


    Composer:  Fred Shannon

    Authors:  Josephine Dove Kelly and Judith Gail Osborn




    School History


    When Northeast High School opened its doors on September 7, 1954, the total enrollment was 978 students with a faculty of 51 teachers and a total of 46 classrooms. A senior class of 79 elected the first Senior Class President. It was under the first Student Government’s leadership that the school mascot (the Vikings), school colors (scarlet and cream), and the names of the school publications (the yearbook--dubbed the Viking Log, and the school newspaper--the Nor’easter) were chosen. The formal dedication ceremonies for Northeast High School were held on December 12, 1954. The Viking band, sporting its new uniforms, under the capable direction of Eugene Beeman, provided music. John M. Sexton served as principal from inception until 1965.


    Just as St. Petersburg has changed tremendously over the years, Northeast High School, known as NEHI by its students and alumni, has experienced dramatic changes as well. The student body population has reached as high as 3000 and back down to its present 1700. The school colors have changed to red and white with the use of black as an accent color. The full face male and female Vikings are the official school logos.




    Principals Throughout Northeast High School History


    Years in Service
    John M. Sexton
    1953 - 1965
    Thomas H. Rothchild
    1965 - 1968
    William G. Justice
    1968 - 1970
    Lee R. Benjamin
    1970 - 1974
    Bill G. WIlliamson
    1974 - 1979
    J. Thomas Zachary
    1979 - 1989
    Charley J. Williams
    1989 - 1992
    Michael A. Miller
    1992 - 2005
    Patricia Wright
    2005 - 2008
    Kevin K. Hendrick
    2008 - 2010
    Paulagene Nelson
    2010 - 2012
    Kevin K. Hendrick
    Michael J. Hernandez