• Volunteers and community partners are making a difference by helping students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are the hallmarks of a quality education.

    Please consider volunteering with NEHI SAC, PTO, or as a Tutor or Mentor; we need you now more than ever!

    To learn more - please visit www.pcsb.org/volunteer and www.pcsb.org/mentor, and see our NEHS website for the calendar of meetings and events: www.pcsb.org/northeast-hs.

    All Pinellas County School volunteers must be registered and current volunteers must update their volunteer profiles at the beginning of each school year.  To register as a new volunteer or re-activate your existing volunteer profile please visit www.pcsb.org/volunteer.  If you are interested in becoming Volunteer Level 2 cleared, you'll find complete information at www.pcsb.org/level2.   

    If you need assistance or have questions about volunteering or mentoring at Northeast High School, please contact Sarah Alvarez at alvarezsa@pcsb.org.


    Volunteer opportunities at Northeast High School include:



    Business Partners

    Classroom Assistants 


    Clerical Assistants



    Student Advisory Council Board