• Tardy Policy: Any student not in class when the bell rings is tardy.  Students may have their emergency tardy pass signed by the teacher if they arrive within five minutes of the late bell.  Students are permitted to be late to school twice in a Quarter and late to each class once per Quarter, with the exception of first period where students may be late three times without a consequence (or a total of five times to first period--two late to school and three late to class).  The Emergency Pass is located in the Student Planner.  After five minutes, all students must see an administrator or campus monitor for a tardy/admit detention form.


    Detentions: Detentions are one hour after school in the cafeteria.  Failure to serve a detention will result in extra school.

    Extra School: Extra School is two hours after school.  Failure to serve extra school will result in an Alternative Bell Schedule (ABS).

    Alternative Bell Schedule:  ABS runs from 12:45 to 6:00pm.  Students attend ABS in lieu of attending the regular school day.  It is an alternative to suspension.