• Tardy Policy: Any student not in class when the bell rings is tardy.  Students must sign the tardy log within the first five minutes of being tardy.  After five minutes, all students must see an administrator or campus monitor for a tardy/admit detention form.  Please note that tardies accumulate across all periods.  (Five to Nine tardies=Detention, Ten to Fourteen tardies=Extra School, Fifteen or more tardies=ABS)


              Detentions: Detentions are one hour after school in the cafeteria.  Failure to serve a detention will result in extra school.

    Extra School: Extra School is two hours after school in the cafeteria.  Failure to serve extra school will result in an Alternative Bell Schedule (ABS).

    Alternative Bell Schedule:  ABS runs from 12:45 to 5pm.  Students attend ABS in lieu of attending the regular school day.  It is an alternative to suspension.