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Club Sponsor Email
Academic Team Ryan Alford alfordr@pcsb.org
Scarlet Regiment Band Cliff Dawson dawsoncl@pcsb.org
Fellowship of Christian Althletes (FCA) Linda Burrows burrowsl@pcsb.org
Forensics (Debate) Bernadette Langiotti langiottib@pcsb.org
French Club Michel Honein homeinm@pcsb.org
Freshman Class Christy Randolph randolphc@pcsb.org
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Debbie Fischer fischerd@pcsb.org
Gaming Club Bernadette Langiotti langiottib@pcsb.org
Grad Night Bernadette Langiotti langiottib@pcsb.org
Hi-Y Michelle Dudley dudleym@pcsb.org
Interclub Council Michelle Dudley dudleym@pcsb.org
Junior Class Julie NelsconChorney nelsonchorneyj@pcsb.org
YGG Crew Michelle Dudley dudleym@pcsb.org
Mu Alpha Theta Charlotte Walker walkerch@pcsb.org
National Honor Society Kristin Bercume bercumek@pcsb.org
Nor'easter (Newspaper) Mitch Disney disneym@pcsb.org
Pep Club Michelle Dudley dudleym@pcsb.org
Principal's Multicultural Advisory Council Roberta Chamberlain and Kym Solitaire chamberlainr@pcsb.org solitairet@pcsb.org
Straight and Gay Alliance Kym Solitaire solitairet@pcsb.org
Student Government Association Sommer Menne mennes@pcsb.org
Senior Class Lisa Duszynski duszynskili@pcsb.org
Skills USA Dale Fasenmyer fasenmyerd@pcsb.org
Sophomore Class Bernadette Langiotti langiottib@pcsb.org
Soundings Literary Magazine Paul Lynch lynchpa@pcsb.org
Spanish Honor Society Christian Marcelli marcellic@pcsb.org
Thespians/Drama Club Megan Simmons simmonsmeg@pcsb.org
Viking Daily Grind Scott Peterson petersonsc@pcsb.org
Yearbook (Viking Log) Mitch Disney disneym@pcsb.org
Psychology Club Steven Hester hesterst@pcsb.org
5000 Role Models Steven Hester hesterst@pcsb.org