• Smiling emoji doing cartwheel Annual Meet 'N' Greet


    On Saturday, May 18 we welcomed new AOF students and parents to our program. Thank you to all the volunteer students and parents who gave their time and delicious food/drink to make this a memorable event!

  • Here's what AOF Juniors have been up to...

    Insurance Agency Staff

    Some of our juniors work in the Viking Insurance Agency for real-world experience. 


    Team A Team B


    Some of our juniors work in the Viking Achieva Credit Union for real-world experience.



    Juniors working in the Viking Credit Union Branch created, scripted, cast and directed in our annual Achieva marketing video as part of the Financial Internship curriculum. Videography and editing was done by the NEHI AOIT students under the guidance of their teacher Ms. Badell.  MANY THANKS to the participants and especially AOIT for helping us complete this project! 

    Click the link to check it out: