Courses & Descriptions

  • The Academy of Finance gives high school students an opportunity to learn about and prepare for college careers. Below is a complete listing of the classes and curriculum base that is offered within the academy.

    Finance and Business Technology

    9th Grade, Secondary Course Number: 8815150
    Course Credit: 1

    This course provides a basic overview of current business, finance and information systems and trends and to introduce students to the basics and foundations required for today's business environments. Emphasis is placed on developing personal financial literacy and soft skills to improve business communication and interactions and to prepare students to be successful both personally and professionally in an information based society.


    Digital Information Technology

    9th Grade, Secondary Course Number: 8207310
    Course Credit: 1

    This course is designed to provide a basic overview of current digital communication trends in business, with an emphasis on developing fundamental computer skills. Students will work to earn industry certifications in various business software programs.


    Financial Operations

    10th Grade, Secondary Course Number: 8815110
    Course Credit: 1

    This course presents basic topics in macro and microeconomics, and the principles and practices of banking, credit, and consumer lending in the United States. Additional emphasis is placed on money, credit and banking, economic growth and stability, use of limited resources, characteristics of different economic systems and institutions, taxation and budgeting, labor management relations, and sales. The students will become familiar with the major functions of banks and other financial intermediaries, central banking by the Federal Reserve System, and modern trends in the finance industry. The students are also introduced to credit functions, principles of credit risk evaluation, loan creation, debt collection, and stocks and bonds.


    Accounting Applications 1

    Prerequisite: Digital Information Technology (DIT)

    11th Grade, Secondary Course Number: 8203310,

    Course Credit: 1.
    This course provides students with an understanding of the accounting process and how it facilitates decision making by providing data and information to internal and external stakeholders.  Students learn that accounting is an integral piece of all business activities.  They learn how to apply technology to accounting by creating formulas and inputting data into spreadsheets.  Students also examine career opportunities and the professional certifications and designations earned by individuals in the accounting profession. 


    Financial Internship

    11th Grade, Secondary Course Number: 8815130
    Course Credit: 1

    The financial internship course provides students with authentic learning experiences in which they demonstrate human relations, technical, communication, and career development skills through entry level employment in the financial services industry. Through hands-on project management, major tasks outlined in a training plan, mentors supervise student learning in specific skill attainment and professional development. Students work on campus in the Viking Branch Credit Union sponsored by Achieva Credit Union or in the Viking Insurance Branch sponsored by various Insurance partners.


    Accounting Applications 2

    Prerequisite: Accounting Applications 1 

    12th Grade, Secondary Course Number: 8203320

    Course Credit: 1.

    This course is designed to continue the study of accounting principles. The content includes voucher systems, cash receipts, petty cash, payroll records, and internal control systems.  Students deepen their understanding of how managers, owners, investors and other stakeholders use accounting to make informed business decisions. They learn how to apply technology to accounting by utilizing QuickBooks Pro and will earn their industry certifications in QuickBooks and tax preparation (VITA) as a part of their coursework. 


    Personal Financial Planning

    12th Grade. Secondary Course Number: 8815120
    Course Credit: 1

    The purpose of this course is to enhance or further develop competency through a paid, supervised, on-the job training experience. The on-the-job experiences provided must be related to the job preparatory program. Reinforcement of Florida’s Sunshine State Standards acquired through the job preparatory program should occur throughout the work-based learning experience.









    Financial Internship students learn Marketing Skills








     Juniors learn business skills in our Achieva Credit Union



    Professional Ethics games built by students