• End of Course exam and FSA results are distributed to students as the scores are reported to the school by the Department of Education. Paper copies of the scores will be available for pick up in June from the front office of the school. The scores will be loaded into Focus in June as well.


    Summer Bridge Program: Students who have failed the Algebra EOC may enroll in the Summer Bridge program.  Students may register by contacting the guidance office at 570-3138 ext. 2060.


    EOC Retakes: Retakes of the Algebra, Biology, Geometry and US History EOC's will be offered at Northeast HS.  Students do not need to participate in the Summer Bridge program to retest.






    EOC Resources

    Florida Department of Education Resources

    Florida Virtual School Practice Test

    Resources and Practice Test from Escambia County

    Resources and Review from Manatee County


    Students should contact their teacher for FCAT Explorer and textbook resources and passwords.