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    Meet your new NHS Officers...
    Annie Schoppe, Jasmine Benito, Abbie Cunningham, Rachel Early
    Left to right: Annie Schoppe (Treasurer), Jasmine Benito (Secretary), Abbie Cunningham (Vice President), Rachel Early (President)

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    Juniors: Hours logs were due Wed, April 12.  New hours opportunities have already begun.  

    Second quarter probation letters will be distributed before final exams. Students who do not bring your signed acknowledgement to Mrs Bercume (Rm. 1-160) by the deadline (May 24) will be removed from active membership. 
    Great Fun at our Menchie's Fundraising Event on March 29!
    Menchie's Fundraiser
                  Stay tuned for our next fundraising activity.
    Thank you, Menchie's, for your support! 

    NHS is proud to announce our participation in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Pasta for Pennies fundraiser, from Jan 9 - 27.  Through your efforts and the generosity of our NEHI family, we raised $888.94 for blood cancer research and treatment.
    As one of the top producing classes, Ms Nikolic's students enjoyed an ice cream social to celebrate. 
    NHS Leukemia Society Supporters

     We're so proud of our NHS "Miss NEHI" contestant, Phetsamay Nguyen!  You represented our Society well! Congratulations!

    Miss NEHI Contestant Phetsamay Nguyen



     National Honor Society Induction, November 15, 2016
    Congratulations to all new and returning members! 
    Induction, Nov 15, 2016