College Visits

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    Four (4) documented college visitation days will be allowed for students from the beginning of their junior year through the end of their senior year. Institutions to be visited must be out of Pinellas County. Armed Forces and vocational school visitations will also fall under this provision. These absences will not count as one of the five absences that could lead to failure, nor when determining eligibility for test examinations.


    These absences must be applied for three (3) days in advance per School Board Policy:

    1. Print the College Visitation Form below and complete the information at the top.

    2. Have it approved and signed by an Administrator.

    3. Take the form to all seven (7) of your teachers and have them sign where indicated. Teachers WILL mark you absent from your classes.

    4. Take the form to the Institution you are visiting and have it signed by an Official to prove you visited.

    5. Return the completed form to the AP Desk within five school days of your return.  Failure to do so
      will result in your absences being permanently classified as regular absences and not college visitation days.

College Visitation Form

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.