• School Counseling Department
    Monday-Friday, 6:50am-2:20pm
    Phone: (727) 570-3138, ext. 2060
    Fax: (727) 570-3147
    CEEB Code: 101520

    Our Mission

    As student advocates, Professional School Counselors provide a comprehensive Counseling program that promotes student success through a focus on academic achievement, social/personal, career and multicultural/global citizenship development.

    Meet the School Counselors!
    NEHI Counseling Team
                                                                      Mr. Leterrence Keys
                                                                        Academy of Finance
                                                                           Last Names I-O
                                                                              Grades 9-12
                                                                         Mr. Paul Chorney
                                                           Academy of Information Technology
                                                                         Last Names D-H
                                                                            Grade 9-12
                                                                         Ms. Karen Fackrell
                                                                   Culinary Arts Academy
                                                                          Last Names A-C
                                                                            Grade 9-12
                                                                        Mr. Eric Malm
                                                                   Automotive Academy
                                                                       Last Names P-Z
                                                                         Grade 9-12
                                     Keep calm