Responsible use of technology is expected of every student at Dixie Hollins High School. The use of technology, cell phone, I-pod, etc. Is a privilege and should be used with that in mind.

     ·        Students can use technology before school – during lunch – and in between classes - The student should be aware and able to respond to any request or directive given by any adult on our campus.

     ·        Students should not sing or verbalize what they are listening to. Profanity used while singing or mimicking a song lyric – is a violation of our discipline policy and student will be consequenced as such.

     ·        The classroom is the instructor’s domain. If the teacher does not allow electronics of any kind to be out or used in their class room – or requests that a student put away their electronics - the student must comply with the request.  Failure to do so – will result in a defiance referral.