• We want to establish a sense of purpose that permeates throughout our campus and class rooms. Coming to school dressed appropriately establishes the correct purpose and intent for each student to maximize their growth and potential. Failure to comply with dress code will be handled similarly to other disciplinary infractions. Non-compliance will result in consequences including but not limited to detention, in-school suspensions, ABS and loss of eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities and sports.

    Ø All shirts and blouses must cover midriff, back, sides, and all undergarments including bra straps AT ALL TIMES.

    Ø All shirts, tops, and dresses shall have sleeves and cover the shoulders

    Ø Shorts, skirts, divided skirts dresses and culottes MUST BE MID-THIGH OR LONGER

    Ø All trousers, pants or shorts must totally cover undergarments, including boxer shorts

    Ø All clothing, jewelry, or tattoos shall be free from: profanity, violent or sexual images or suggestions; gang related symbols, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or advertisements for such products


    o   Form fitting leotard/spandex including sport bras CANNOT be worn

    o   Clothing must be appropriate sized and worn at the waist secure and in place when not being held

    o   Clothing should not have inappropriate holes or tears

    o   No clothing or footwear associated with sleepwear (pajamas) shall be worn as outer garments

    o   No Hats or head coverings – except for P.E. activities

    o   No sunglasses may be worn inside without doctor’s note

    o   No bandanas or sweatbands


    1ST OFFENSE – Parent phone call home – IC All day – or until violation is corrected

    2nd OFFENSE – Phone call home – IC all day – or until violation is corrected

    3rd OFFENSE – One day In-School Suspension

    4th and subsequent OFFENSE – 1 TO 5 DAYS ABS (Alternative Bell Schedule) 2 to 6 pm – Dress for success required