Dixie Hollins High

Home of the Rebels

Language Arts

Teacher Email Courses Taught Sponsor Coach Leadership
Lucille Benjamin benjaminluc@pcsb.org The College Experience; Pre-AICE Global Paper; AVID Lead Teacher--AVID
Robin Brady bradyro@pcsb.org Reading for College Success Softball Coach
Dolphine Brown browndo@pcsb.org English 4--College Prep
Billy Butcher butcherb@pcsb.org English 3; Speech/Debate; Comp. II Sponsor, Debate Team
Katherine Caffentzis caffentzisk@pcsb.org Reading for College Success
Dale Caparaso caparasod@pcsb.org PCSD Head Coach, Varsity Football
Sarah Edwards edwardssa@pcsb.org AICE English Lit 1 Dept. Chair
Catherine Fahey faheyca@pcsb.org English 2; Pre-AICE English Lit Dept. Chair
Nancy Frioud frioudn@pcsb.org English 3; Humanities; AICE English
Chiquita Godwin godwinch@pcsb.org Literacy Coach
Brenda Hankin hankinb@pcsb.org English 4 College prep; Reading for College Success Girls Cross-Country Coach Interact Sponsor
Genessa Kolosey koloseyge@pcsb.org Reading for college Success; Social Media Facebook & Twitter feed creator for school
Jacob Kolosey koloseyj@pcsb.org Journalism; AICE Thinking Skills Instructor, TV Production
Jodie Lynd-Henderson lyndj@pcsb.org English 1
Kelly Maier maierk@pcsb.org Reading for College Success
Pamela Mayle maylep@pcsb.org Reading for college Success
Angel McClain mcclaina@pcsb.org Reading for College Success; PCSD
Linda Muentener muentenerl@pcsb.org English 2
Steven Quackenbush quackenbushs@pcsb.org English 3
Holly Roberts robertsh@pcsb.org Reading for College Success
Dr. Linda Rogowski rogowskil@pcsb.org AICE General Paper; AICE English Language
Suzanne Santarelli santarellis@pcsb.org English 2, AICE Global Papers
Samantha Wong wongs@pcsb.org AICE General Paper; AICE English Language
Teresa Zemaitis zemaitist@pcsb.org Journalism; Creative Writing Sponsor, Yearbook