• JROTC Drill State Tournament--April 1, 2017

     Your JROTC District champs went to the State tournament Saturday in Lakeland.  There are 18 categories at the State level of which Dixie qualified for 15 events (from their district meet).  The top 5 State finishers earn a trophy or medallion.  In any given previous year, Dixie has never earned more than 2 top 5 finishes at the State level.  Out of approximately 165 Army JROTC schools in the state and over 100 schools that were present (that qualified in 1 or more events), Dixie took home 10 top 5 finishes in the State.  They are as follows:

    Female Color Guard   1st Place (State Champions)  commanded by Kaitlin Hempstead   

    Female Exhibition Platoon   1st Place (State Champions) commanded by Brittany Sekot

    Male Exhibition Squad   1st Place (State Champions) commanded by Nicolas Garcia

    Female Unarmed Platoon  2nd Place  commanded by Shannon Silk

    Female Exhibition Squad  2nd Place  commanded by Heather Biasotti

    Male Exhibition Platoon  2nd place commanded by Nicolas Garcia

    Male Dual Exhibition  2nd Place     Performed by Ethan Tinsley and Joseph Foraker 

    Female Armed Squad  3rd Place commanded by Brittany Sekot

    Female Dual Exhibition 4th Place   Performed by Heather Biasotti and Brittany Sekot

    Male Solo Exhibition  5th Place  Performed by Nicolas Garcia

    Army JROTC students from Key West to Pensacola now know who Dixie Hollins is in drill.

    Congratulations Drill Team!!!

    Mark Valentine, Robert Hockman, Coach Tony Biasotti, Coach Anthony Biasotti, and JROTC Boosters