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    More specifically, these topics are a main focus of the elective class:

    Note Taking
    Goal Setting
    Time Management
    College Research
    Career Research
    Essay Writing
    School Improvement
    SAT/ACT Prep
    Curriculum Vitae
    Letters of Recommendation
    College Applications
    Financial Aid
    College Tours
    Interview Readiness

    The program creates an atmosphere of positive peer encouragement for the students, so that they are pushing each other to strive for success rather than perpetuating failure. The AVID curriculum is designed to get students to ask higher level, thought provoking questions which will in turn cause them to focus on the “why” behind the facts.

    The AVID Program began at Northeast in 2006 and has been a strong program in various states all over the country since 1980.

    For anyone interested in joining this program or want to learn more, fill out the questionaire below.