Schedule Changes

  • Each year, a new master schedule is created to accommodate student class requests made during registration in the previous school year. Faculty members are employed, textbooks are purchased, and rooms are assigned on the basis of these requests.


    Once the semester has begun, schedule change requests must be made in writing to your assigned counselor and will only be accepted within the first three to four days of the semester.


    These requests will be honored for exceptional circumstances, as space is available, such as:

    • Student does not meet pre-requisites for the class
    • A different class is required to complete graduation requirements
    • A different class is required for college admissions
    • Student has already taken the class


    Unfortunately, we do not accommodate schedule changes for:

    • A class in a different period
    • A class in a different semester
    • A different teacher
    • A different lunch
    • A change of mind about a requested class
    • Thinking a class will be too hard


    Students who request to take an Advanced Placement (AP) class will be expected to remain in that course for the entirety of the school year. Please be sure to consider the rigor of these courses and the dedication it takes to do well in them before requesting.


    Dual Enrollment (DE) courses require schools to follow college-mandated add/drop periods. Please speak with your counselor if you have any questions about this.


    Please submit your schedule change request in writing by emailing your assigned counselor:

    Seniors - Class of 2024 = 

    Juniors - Class of 2025 =  

    Sophomores - Class of 2026 =  

    Freshmen - Class of 2027 =