FAST Information

  • DeSantis Wants To End FSA School Testing, Switch To 'Progress Monitoring' :

    On September 14, 2021, Governor DeSantis announced that the state will file Legislation to eliminate the common-core based, end-of-year Florida Statewide Assessment and create the new Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (F.A.S.T.). By creating the F.A.S.T. plan, Florida is becoming the first state in the nation to fully implement progress monitoring instead of end-of-year standardized testing, and will fully eliminate Common Core.


    By switching to the F.A.S.T. plan, Florida will restore the ability for parents and teachers to have impactful conversations about students’ growth by:

    • Eliminating the Florida Statewide Assessment.
    • Protecting Florida’s #1 in the nation accountability system, that has lifted Florida to the top 3 in the nation and has done more to protect low income families, African American and Hispanic students, and children with unique abilities.
    • Utilizing progress monitoring to empower educators, parents, and most importantly students to a level never seen before.
    • Becoming the 1st state in the nation to switch from end-of-the-year assessments to state standards-aligned progress monitoring for accountability.
    • Reducing testing time, and minimizing the stress of testing to three much shorter “check-in” assessments in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

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    FAST Fact Sheet Grades 3–10 ELA Reading

EOC Information

  • Understanding Florida EOC Assessment Scores

    EOC assessments are computer-based, criterion-referenced assessments that measure the Florida Standards (FS) or the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) for specific courses, as outlined in their course descriptions.


    Biology 1, U.S. History, and Civics are all aligned to NGSSS and will continue to be administered for students completing applicable courses.  All students completing applicable Algebra 1 or Geometry courses in 2014-15 and beyond will take the FSA End-of-Course Assessment.


    To learn more about the content of the EOC assessments, individuals may review the standards for the subject area (NGSSS or FS), the description of the course for which the EOC assessment is required, and the test item specifications. EOC assessments measure student achievement of Florida's standards as outlined in course descriptions. The standards and course descriptions specify the expectations for student learning in Florida and provide the basis for the content that will be measured on each Florida EOC assessment. The test item specifications provide information regarding the content and format of the assessments.


    Please see the Florida Department of Education website for more information regarding End-of-Course Assessments.