• How Do I Obtain an SPC ID Number?

    1. Submit an SPC High School/Dual Enrollment application

    2. Go to www.spcollege.edu and click on the Apply to SPC button on the upper right.

      • Do not reapply if you already have an SPC ID number through another SPC program or camp

    3. Select "High School Programs Student" and follow the step-by-step procedure. (The $40 application fee is waived)

    4. Apply using your full name and check for misspellings. Also, ensure the accuracy of your social security number and date of birth as these are used for verification purposes.

    5. Select the correct high school from the drop-down list under High School Information. Hollins High School is located in St Petersburg.

    6. Your School ID is your s.number or 52 number. Skip the School User ID.

    7. Select the St. Pete-Gibbs Campus and Dual Enrollment.

    8. When finished, write down your new SPC ID# or take a picture of it