Principal’s MessagePrincipal Robert Florio


    “The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus
    From the way we deliver instruction, eat lunch, walk the hallways and communicate to changing the way we
    reference our name and rebranding with a new nickname—2020-21 has been a year of change for the Royals
    of Hollins High School. With resiliency and resolve we move forward with a mission of being the best public
    high school in the state of Florida.
    ADAPT – Become adjusted to new conditions
    IMPROVISE – Produce or make something from whatever is available
    OVERCOME – Succeed in dealing with a difficulty
    Those words, our motto, have been the rallying cry of our teachers, staff, and students for the 2020-21 school year. Everything
    about this school year has required a different approach, different thinking, and ingenuity, as tried and true methods must be
    Our staff is committed to doing whatever is necessary to have a successful school year and to provide an exquisite education to
    our students by providing them the support and assistance they need by any means necessary. Our team of teachers and support
    staff have worked tirelessly to learn a new educational delivery platform in Canvas as they re-create lessons and develop new
    instructional materials for face to face and virtual learners. It has been challenging and difficult at times—but our staff has shown
    incredible resiliency and resolve, have worked together, and have made the best of the inherited circumstance. In doing so, we
    have kept the health, wellness, safety, and security of our students and staff at the forefront of everything we do: wearing face
    coverings in and out of class, social distancing, sanitizing our hands and the objects and surfaces we touch to reduce the spread of
    disease and keep our school safe and open.
    As in life, we must continue to move forward to adapt to our circumstances and to find a way to be successful. We are committed
    to providing a comprehensive education to our students and prepare them for all standardized tests needed to graduate,
    equipping them to move on to post-secondary education, technical school, or be work ready. We are growing leaders committed
    to improving their communities and the life of their family, friends, and neighbors. By creating leaders, we are preparing our
    students for challenges known and not yet imagined. We are instilling values of hard work, effort, creativity and ingenuity so that
    our student leaders will be able to strive and thrive in an ever changing and complex world.
    Our task is made easier, knowing that we have the support, encouragement, and appreciation of our families and community. We
    know that no one goes it alone and any and all success we achieve will be by working together—building together—and striving
    together. Together we will accomplish all our goals. Together we will rise.
    Robert C. Florio

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