• Academy of Culinary Arts
    Program directors:  Chef Christy Rabich &  Chef Tara Bishop   

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the popcorn fundraiser!
  • About Our Program

    The goal for our culinary students is to acquired knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a very competitive hospitality industry. Students will learn how to conduct themselves in a confident, professional and ethical manner.

    Students will explore different fields of the culinary trade in our recently updated facility. By focusing on hands-on training, students prepare for a dynamicrewarding career in the food service and hospitality industry. Students will be able to apply their skills easily into new careers upon graduation.

    The Academy of Culinary Arts students are expected to complete all four levels of our program. Each course is updated regularly to reflect current industry trends. Students receive career-oriented instruction in our professional kitchen and dining room.

    Level 1 course of study includes the following:

    • Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
    • Safety and Sanitation
    • Knife skills
    • Breakfast foods
    • Sandwiches and Salads
    • SafeStaff Certification**

    Level 2 course of study includes the following:

    • Nutrition
    • Stocks, Soups and Sauces
    • Potatoes, Rice, Grains and Pasta
    • Fruits
    • Vegetable cookery
    • Intro to World Cuisine
    • SkillsUSA Competitions opportunities for Culinary and Baking

    Level 3 course of study includes the following:

    • Intro to Baking
    • Intro to Proteins and Meat fabrication
    • Garde Manger
    • Appetizers, Hors D’ Oeuvres
    • Banquet and Catering Preparation
    • ServSafe Certification **

    Level 4 course of study includes the following:

    • Advanced Baking & Cake Decorating
    • Advanced Culinary & Cooking Techniques
    • Advanced World Cuisine
    • Management Capstone Project
    • Marketing
    • Dining Room Management and Restaurant Design
    • ProStart State Competition
    • SkillsUSA State Wedding Cake Design Competition
    • ProStart Certificate of Achievement **

    ** Students may earn three industry certifications during their four years in the Academy of Culinary Arts at Hollins High.

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