Foreign Exchange Students

  • Pinellas County Schools welcomes foreign exchange students affiliated with an exchange company or service organization that is listed with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).

    We are now acepting packets for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Due to Covid-19, we are not working from the office at the administration building.  Please email all documents. 


    For further information please contact:
    Gail George-Coppens
    (727) 588-5006

    Pam Benton, World Languages Specialist
    (727)588-5185 (fax)

    Send completed applications to:

    Our district welcomes foreign exchange students who come to us for one academic year through an established foreign exchange company, service club or non-profit organization/institution approved by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).The exchange company is responsible for finding a host family for the student in Pinellas County and for processing a J-1 visa. Applications are completed through the exchange company and submitted to the Pinellas County Schools Office of World Languages, along with the Host family Information, the checklist of documentation needed by the World Languages Office, and local agency information by July 1st of each year. Official transcripts are required, along with homestay information and health and immunization records.

    Please note that foreign exchange students are not guaranteed admittance to any particular school and that students are admitted for a full academic year only. No foreign exchange student shall be admitted to Pinellas County Schools following the tenth day of the first semester or at any time during the second semester of any school year. In addition, foreign exchange students should not expect to be registered as "seniors" nor to graduate and receive a diploma from a Pinellas County school.

    Students are placed in ”Zoned Schools”.“Zoned”school assignment is made based on the address of the host family and seats available at the time of registration. Having a host sibling in a magnet program at a particular school does not mean an exchange student will be placed in the general population of that school.

    Once your packet is reviewed by World Languages, it is sent to the Student Assignment Office. There, the student’s reservation is entered for the zoned school. It comes back to The Office of World Languages where the information is sent to the school’s principal. Once the principal has had time to review and sign the letter of acceptance, they will get it back to you. This can be a lengthy process taking up to 5 weeks to complete. Please be patient and allow for the process to be completed before calling the school to retrieve the letter of acceptance. Once 5 weeks has passed from the date of application with the Office of World Languages, you should call the school’s Data Management Technician to request your copy of the Placement Letter/Letter of Acceptance.