Elementary School Zoning Map

  • Click and drag the map using your left mouse button or touchpad. Clicking on the “+” or “-“ buttons in the upper left hand corner of the map will zoom the image in closer or further out. If you have a scroll mouse, you can also turn the dial of your mouse to zoom in or out closer to the map. As you zoom in closer, you will see more street names.

    Search by address by clicking on the box in the upper right hand corner of the map labeled “Find Address or place”. Enter your address including either the city or zip code and hit enter. The map should zoom in on the address you entered. Clicking on the map once it is zoomed into your address will bring up a text box displaying the zoned school.

    Each colored shape corresponds to an Elementary school zone. Clicking on the colored shapes will bring up the name of the zoned school (“School Name”) for the streets within the colored shape. You can also click directly on the School House icon in each zone for a link to the school’s web page. All school phone numbers are area code (727) unless otherwise noted.