School Information

  • Northeast High School - Home of the Vikings Northeast High School - Home of the Vikings

    Address: 5500 16th St. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33703 

    Phone: (727) 570-3138 

    Fax:  (727) 570-3147 

    Pinellas County Schools Administration: (727) 588-6000

    Principal: Michael Hernandez  

    Student Hours: 7:25 AM  -  1:55 PM

    Grade levels: 9-12 


    Northeast High School is a four year, comprehensive high school, with a current enrollment of nearly 1,800 students. It ranks as one of the largest high schools in the Pinellas County School System and it serves a diverse student population with programs designed to meet the needs of a wide range of abilities and interests. These programs include certified career academies in which students can earn college credit and an industry certification, Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment courses taught through St. Petersburg College, UF, and USF, the AVID program, AICE, community based instruction programs and much more. 

    Vision:  100% Student Success

    Mission:  All Northeast High School students will graduate prepared for college, career, and life.

    Core Values

    • Commitment to Children, Families, and the Community

    -Making decisions and committing resources to attain each student’s success

    -Seeking out and connecting with families and community

    • Respectful and Caring Relationships

    -Establishing positive relationships among all stakeholders

    -Using the district vision to guide intentions, motives, and actions

    • Cultural Competence

    -Understanding and honoring culturally defined beliefs, needs, styles, and behaviors of the students, families, and communities we serve

    -Valuing the benefit that individual differences bring to our school district

    -Recognizing the importance of individual similarities and differences while working effectively with all stakeholders from various cultures, races, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds

    • Integrity

    -Maintaining the highest standards of behavior, ethics, fairness, and honesty with ourselves and others

    -Committing to doing the right things for the right reasons

    -Demonstrating fairness in our judgments and actions

    • Responsibility

    -Fulfilling commitments and promises through fact-based decision-making and problem-solving

    -Taking ownership of our own behaviors

    -Seeking opportunities for continuous improvement

    • Connectedness

    -Teaming through internal and external partnerships by aligning efforts for the common purpose of each student’s success

    -Willing to share and transfer knowledge with others


    Keys to Success

    Attendance: Students attend classes daily, arrive timely to class, and prepared mentally for learning.

    Attitude: Students exhibit relationship, scholarship, sportsmanship, citizenship, leadership, and partnership.

    Achievement: Students submit all assigned tasks and never accept zeroes for any assignment.



    Download the Northeast High School Brochure (PDF)