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    Parent Update for Preparing for the First Day of School (July 22nd, 2023)


    Good afternoon, Osceola Middle School Families. This is your principal Derrik Craun calling to welcome you to or back to OMS and provide you with some important information in order to ensure your child is prepared for the upcoming school year as our first day of school on August 10th is quickly approaching.

    Before our first day of school, we have 2 events taking place here at OMS.  6th grade parents, on Thursday, July 27th we will hold our Peer Connect event with 2 options to choose from either 9-11am or 5-7pm.  Choose whichever one works for your schedule.  Peer Connect provides and opportunity for our new Chiefs to get more comfortable learning our campus, learn how to use their locker locks, engage in fun activities with OMS teachers, and meet new friends.  Parents, you do not need to join your child for this event and can drop off and pick up your child in our car circle located off 98th Street North.

    On August 8th, all OMS students and families are invited to join us for our “Chief Community Day” event which takes place from 9am-12pm.  All families are welcome to come enjoy community vendors, meet our teachers, receive their schedules, set up their lockers, and much more.

    Just a reminder as we take part in a new model for middle school, all students will enjoy a 30 minute daily enrichment period this upcoming school year.  This enrichment time provides students with additional opportunities to participate in thematic competitions, hands-on activities, physical movement, and design challenges.  Students can chose an area of interest if they have not done so already by using the QR code or clicking the enrichment link on the email version of this message or on our website. Students are to select their top 3 choices and we will do our best to pair them with the enrichment theme they are most interested in for this school year.

    Also, I would like to share with you the materials we would like each student to have in order to be middle school ready. Next year our main focus for student success will be on organization.  As students will be required to carry their school provided laptops to every class and utilize a school wide 3 inch binder to hold their focus notes and handouts for each class, I would like to recommend everyone has this all in one. Although students can carry a laptop case and 3 inch binder separately, there are several combination binder/laptop cases that can be purchased to make it easier for the students to carry.  I have included a link of a sample on the email version of this update as well although there are many different styles to choose from.  If you child still has their laptop case from last year and would like to purchase just a 3 inch binder separately, that is okay as well.  The only other materials needed to start the year would be to have pencils, loose leaf paper, and at least 4 spiral notebooks.

    Please remember that we have a modified dress code so when shopping for back to school clothes keep our guidelines in mind.  Students are to wear solid color shirts that cover up to the neck and only a small logo no bigger than 2 inches.  Bottoms must go to knee length or longer without rips or tears and are not form fitting.  For the full dress code description, I have attached the list to the email update as well as posted it on our website.

    Lastly, if you plan on dropping off and picking up your child this school year, you will do so by using our car circle and can begin dropping off at 9:10am as our school day begins at 9:40. Free breakfast for all students begins at 9:20 and remember that all our students also receive a free lunch.

    I apologize for length of this message but hope it is helpful for you to plan for our first day on August 10th and help for a smooth start to the school year.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer Chief parents and I will hopefully see you on August 8th for our Chief Community Day!


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