Military Families

  • School-Based Military Point of Contact

    • Mrs. Sarah Alvarez - (727) 570-3138
    • Military families will be welcomed to our school and assisted by our Purple Star Point of Contact, Mrs. Sarah Alvarez.  Assistance will include a welcome package, an overview of our school programs, introductions to their new counselor and administrator, engagement opportunities, and peer matching for their students.


    Transition and Academic planning for military families

    • We would like to welcome your student to Northeast High School! 
    • Northeast High School is a four-year, comprehensive high school, with a current enrollment of nearly 1,800 students. It ranks as one of the largest high schools in the Pinellas County School System and it serves a diverse student population with programs designed to meet the needs of a wide range of abilities and interests. These programs include certified career academies in which students can earn college credit and an industry certification, Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment courses taught through St. Petersburg College, UF, and USF, the AVID program, AICE, community-based instruction programs, and much more. 


    Information on the school’s student-led transition program

    • Peer Matching:  Peer’s will be matched from one of our existing programs (JROTC, AOF, AOIT, AVID, Automotive, and Culinary) to assist newly entering students. Our goal is to have all students entering matched with a peer as quickly as possible and fully oriented with our campus within the first week of arrival.  Peers will give a one-to-one tour with our new students.  Peers will inform students of extracurricular offerings including athletics, clubs, and organizations on campus.  Our goal will be to introduce our new students to the coach or sponsor of interested offerings.  Purple Star students will have their peer assigned to them for the school year.  The peer can be used as a point of contact to assist with any questions that they may have.  Also, Mrs. Alvarez (our Purple Star Point of Contact) will be available to assist students with their educational and extracurricular needs.


    • Shadowing Experiences: Often families like to have their students preview a school to ensure that the school is a match for their student’s needs.  For families who would like to have their students shadow before enrolling, we will offer a peer to shadow for a portion of our school day.  The peers will come from one of our existing programs (JROTC, AOF, AOIT, AVID, Automotive, and Culinary).  Shadowing will include tours, extracurricular information, meeting the peer’s teachers, and an overview of the program that their peer is enrolled.  Our goal is to make our visitors feel welcome and comfortable with our school environment.  Upon conclusion of the day, the shadowing student will have information to make an informed decision on the opportunities at Northeast High School for their educational needs.


    Information on exceptional student education services

    • Parents of all students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) requiring Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services should contact the district ESE Student Transfer Team at (727) 588-5128 or the Exceptional Student Education office at (727) 588-6032. Learn more about Exceptional Student Education.


    • The PreK Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Program offers a variety of models and options for children ages 3 through 5 who are developmentally delayed. You may contact the ESE Student Transfer Team at (727) 588-5128. Find out more about Pre-K ESE program.



    Information on mental health challenges facing military students, including ways to access school-based mental health services

    • Pinellas County Schools Student Services employs Department of Education (DOE)-certified school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers (many of whom are also licensed mental health counselors, licensed school psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers through the Department of Health) as school-based mental health professionals. Every school has these individuals on campus and they are available to support any student whose family is interested.
    • Here is a brief video that features students expressing in their own words what they wish their families knew. 


    • In addition to these resources available at school, there are many agencies in our community that we can refer families to for more intensive services. We are fortunate in our area to have a referral system that anyone can access by dialing 211. If an individual of any age is experiencing a mental health crisis, they can also call the suicide and crisis lifeline by dialing 988.
    • For those interested in additional information or help can contact their school directly or explore the links below.


    • Contact Venetia Waters, MAFB’s School Liaison Officer to connect your child or a family member to a Military Family Life Counselor. (813) 828-0146 or


    Information on upcoming military recognition events