•                                                 Hollins Cosmetology Program                                              

    Hours               Cosmetologist 1200-hours (3 state board attempts)

                          Cosmetologist – Challenge the board 1000-Hours (1 state board attempt)

    This program offers a sequence of nine levels. Students must complete the core grooming and salon class before advancing in levels. Students

    that complete the program may submit their application to the Florida State Board of Cosmetology and, once accepted, take their state board.

    exam. Upon passing the state board exam, students will become licensed cosmetologists and will be prepared for employment.

    Instructor:   Kathleen Neal  nealka@pcsb.org

                          727 -547-7876 ext. 2313 


    Cosmotology student   Cosmotology student  Cosmotology student  Cosmotology student