• Congratulations to the Hollins High School FBLA District 12 Winners!

    Isla Ashoff - Advertising 1st Place

    Miranda Blair, Erica Chong and Susana Toro- Broadcast Journalism  1st Place

    Kendall Butcher, Elena Hunter and Adelina Hunter- Business Plan   1st Place

    Griffin Franzese- Public Policy and Advocacy  1st Place

    Alexandria Goodin- Job Interview  1st Place

    Aidan Ngo- Impromptu Speaking  1st Place

    Mikayla Ward- Journalism   1st Place- 

    Katherine Buchman- Organizational Leadership    3rd Place

    Adrianna Chacko- Help Desk  4th Place

    Annabella Colombotti- Supply Chain Management   2nd Place

    Genevieve Dover- Health Care Administration  2nd Place

    Dat Ho- CyberSecurity  5th Place

    Emma Kelly- Journalism  4th Place

    Elizabeth Ko - Business Calculations 2nd Place

    Antonio Magnani- Networking Infrastructure  2nd Place

    James Michalski- Data Analysis   3rd Place

    Kaci Nelson- Introduction to Fianacial Math  5th Place

    Joesph Nguyen- Business Management  4th Place

    Alex Nguyen- Human Resource Management  3rd Place

    Raissa Ramierez- Agribusiness  5th Place

    Cole Selden- Journalism  8th Place

    Grace Woodring- Health Care Administration 5th Place 

    See you in March in Orlando at state competition!