TEDxYouth@PHUHS presents Transformed: an event dedicated to showcasing local voices with unique perspectives on where we experience transformation in our daily lives. Our mission is to amplify ideas and methods of growing transformation within our own communities. Through life-changing experiences, the arts, technology, and more, TEDxYouth@PHUHS invites 7 local speakers to share what it means to be a transformed society. We hope you join us Friday, March 3, to see our amazing speakers for yourself and to enjoy exhibitions of PHUHS music and art, and an included meal from our array of dining options.


    Picture attached at the top of page. 


    List of this years speakers 

    • Matthew Werneken
    • Salima Hemani
    • Amy Guo
    • Ben Reber
    • LaKendria Robinson
    • Lucas Fonseca
    • Sam Obeid


    New linktree: https://linktr.ee/tedxyouth_phuhs.transformed