• Welcome swimmers, divers, & parents!

    2022 Swimmer Packet:

    Below is some information about the PHU Hurricane Swim and Dive team.

    Please feel free to contact Tomothy McCann at mccannt@pcsb.org with any questions.

    The general requirement for all members of the swim team is to be able to perform all four competitive strokes and turns legally as well as participate in dry land cross training (some running, core work, and calisthenics) Swimming & Dryland Requirements

    The diving coach will evaluate the divers during the first week of practice.

    Girls have a JV and Varsity team

    • Freshman and Sophomore girls are part of the JV team
    • Some Freshman and Sophomore girls will compete at the Varsity level based on their times
    • Junior and Senior girls will compete at the Varsity level

    All Boys compete on the Varsity team

    Girls and boys practice and compete at the same time

    ~Coach Tim McCann