• National Honor Society

    2021 NHS Application & Selection Process

    The sponsor(s) will identify students in grades 11 and 12 with the prerequisite weighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, combined with at least an unweighted GPA of 3.0. After applications are received, a faculty board will vote on the student’s ability to demonstrate the national standards for induction.

    Students invited to apply should understand that they are not automatically accepted as members. Potential applicants must meet all criteria during the review process.


    NHS Application Invitations

    Invitations will be mailed to you. If you did not receive a letter you may check with Mrs. Santana in the administration building to see if you’re eligible to apply. Also, Principal Teresa Patterson will be making a Connected Ed call home inviting all the students that meet the NHS requirements and encouraging them to apply.

    For more information on the selection process, please review the NHS Bylaws posted on the NHS webpage.  


    NHS Application

    If you meet the above criteria to apply for NHS, you can download, complete, and print the application HERE.


    Application Deadline

    Completed and signed applications are due on or before Monday, September 27, 2021 by 2:20 pm. Due to the length of time provided, applications will not be accepted after this date. Good luck and congratulations on your academic success!


    Notification of Acceptance

    Following the submission deadline, the Faculty Committee will review each application. Students who meet the requirements for the standards of induction will be notified of their membership during school on October 15, 2021. An acceptance roster will also be posted outside Mrs. Santana’s office door and office windows.


    NHS Appeal Process

    An appeal process is available for those students who were not approved to become members of NHS. Students who are interested in appealing the decision need to meet with the adviser. Requests for conferences will only be accepted from October 18-20. The deadline for scheduling conferences is final. 


    To request a conference, students need to schedule a time with Mrs. Santana in the administration building to review their application. There will be a sign-up sheet for available times on my door. Email requests are reserved for students who are absent or quarantined during the appeal timeframe.

    1. Upon completion of the conference, if a student is eligible to appeal the decision, they must request an appeal in writing to the Principal Teresa Patterson and elaborate more on the area or areas they were lacking. Students must defend original submissions. New application submissions will not be accepted.
    2. Submit the appeal letter to Mrs. Santana directly (building 1-115) by October 25, 2021. Mrs. Santana will present appeal letters to Principal Teresa Patterson for review.
    3. The principal’s decision on the student appeal is final.
    4. The student will be notified of the final decision in a week’s time.


    Membership Dues

    Students approved for new membership will need to submit member dues of $20 to RevTek in the PHUHS website by Friday, December 17, 2021.



    The main method of communicating will be the NHS sponsor’s email address: santanaly@pcsb.org and Microsoft Teams.