ACADEMIC TEAM Chris Briggs Friday 2-3 3-201
AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALS Blake Hudson Tues/Thurs 2-4 9-115
BAND James Dykes Tues/Thurs 4:45 - 7:30 9-101
BEST BUDDIES Christa Simons 2nd Thurs/month after school 11-101
BIOTECH BUDDIES Erin Morse Every other Thursday 2:15 6-102
CABAM Kevin Schachter 2nd Monday/month 5:30 -7:00 11-201
CHESS CLUB Suzanne Weaver 1ST Monday/month 2:00 - 2:45 4-207
CHORUS Blake Hudson Class & Tues 2-3 9-115
DEBATE TEAM/Speech Torin King Thursday after school 19-232
DRAMA CLUB Ashlie Timberlake last Friday/month 2-3 Auditorium
EAST ASIAN CLUB Jeff James Wednesday after school 19-205
FBLA (Future Business Leaders) Kevin Schachter Tuesday 2:00 - 3:00 11-201
FCA (Fellow Christian Students) MacFarland/Zuelke Wednesday lunch 1st 6-102C/2nd 4-205
FILM CLUB Joseph Corr Tuesday after school 5-202
FIRST PRIORITY Susan Oliver Thursday 1st & 2nd lunches 19-210
FISHING CLUB Shaun Falcon every other Thursday 2:00 19-203
FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Line Mercier 1st Thurs/month after school 5-214
FRESHMAN CLASS Chad Guercia 1st Tuesday/Month after school 11-115
GIRL UP Raquel Stiehler 2nd/4th Thursday of Month after school 6-103
GRADUATION COORDINATOR Vanessa Lieberz-Aubry Lieberz-Aubry Vanessa
GS 717 Andrea Weaver TBD after school 4-117
GSA Raquel Stiehler 1st & 3rd Tues of Month after school 6-103
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Renee Dragoutsis 3rd Wed/month after school 4-118
HEALTH & FITNESS CLUB Kelly Webb TBD after school 3-206
HOSA Zuelke/Morse/Keefe 2nd Wed/month after school TA
HOSA (Assistants) Ungs/Pate 2nd Wed/month after school TA
HOSA (Assistants) Webb/Touma 2nd Wed/month after school TA
INTERACT Tom Stephan 2nd & 4th Thursday after school TA
JAPANESE CULTURE CLUB (OLIS) Jeff James Thursday after school 19-205
JUNIOR CLASS Michael Zollo 3rd Tues/month after school 19-224
KEY CLUB MacKenzie 2nd Tues/month after school TA
MU ALPHA THETA Amanda Mandurano (lead) 1st Thurs/month after school TA
MUSIC HONOR SOCIETY James Dykes 2nd Monday/month after school 9-101
NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY Swisher Vary after school 11-108
NATIONAL ENGLISH HONOR Scott Bradley 2nd Friday/month after school TA
NATIONAL HISTORY DAY Tsardoulias/Falcon As Needed 19-204
NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Elizabeth Hodge 1st Tuesday/Month after school TA
NATIONAL SCIENCE HONOR Brenda Collias 2,3,&4 Wednesday of month after school 3-106
NATIONAL TECHNICAL HONOR Kelly Webb TBD after school 11-202
NEWSPAPER Kim Roscoe during class 6th period 4-115
PMAC (Multicultural) Renee Dragoutsis
PROJECT 7 Karey Shaw every other Thursday 2-2:30 19-122
PROM Mike Zollo 19-224
PTSA Larry Lopez
Pysch Honor Society Elkins/Valdez after school
RHO KAPPA Steven Schilling 1 Thursday a month after school 4-202
ROBOTICS CLUB Hodgkinson/Zengel Wed/Friday after school 11-203
SAC Mrs. Gonzalez/Ms. Berry
SADD John Baker 3rd Wednesday of month after school 6-103
SAVE PROMISE (students against violence) Mrs.Montgomery/Mr. James 1st Wed of month after school 1-145 montgomerym@
SENIOR CLASS Andrea Weaver once a month varies 1:50-2:20 4-117
SGA (Homecoming) Mike Mullaney
SOPHMORE CLASS Jonn Adkins Thursday 1:50-2:20 19-233
SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Bonkowski/Duarte Tuesday/Thursday 1:50 - 2:20 5-210/5-211
SPIKEBALL CLUB Kyle Smethurst Mon & Wed 2:05 - 3:30 behind building 5
STORM WATCH TV CREW Jennifer Crosley Mon & Wed 1:50-2:30 Media Center
THESPIANS Ashlie Timberlake last Friday/month 2-3 Auditorium
TSIC (Take Stock In Children) Debbie Redfield
YEARBOOK Kim Roscoe during class 7th period 4-115