Hello!  Thank you for stopping by for information about PHUHS Cross Country😊

    The county just announced that we are staying in Phase 2 for the next two weeks for athletics (which means I can meet with up to 19 athletes at one time, so far the most we have had at any one training has been 14….so we are good).  Even though the FHSAA only made a recommendation to move the “official” start back from July 27th to Aug 10th………they did tell us to proceed as if the “official” date will stay at July 27th (which personally I think they will eventually move to Aug 10th).  So, I just wanted to send out the information again that is needed to try-out for the Cross-Country team (or any other team for that matter).

    Since we still have down time……PLEASE…. PLEASE…...PLEASE…...try and complete the paperwork ASAP and with this time……watch the 3 Mandatory Videos.  Remember…...you only have to do this once per school year NO MATTER how many sports you play😊


    *****To Try-out for Cross Country (or any other team) ….we must have:


    1. Proof of new school athletic insurance which runs from July 27st 2020 thru July 26th 2021. You can purchase the new insurance now (they started selling July 1st).  Please print a copy of receipt and bring to your coach. Directions attached
    2. Signed waiver/release from (attached).
    3. Proof of watching/passing the 3 mandatory videos on Concussion; Heat Illness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  Go to nfhslearn.com click on courses and you should be able to search for those 3 videos (they are free, but you may have to set up an account if you do not have one already).  Please bring copy of certificates when you finish to your coach.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask:


    Coach Southard (Girl’s Head Coach): southardd@pcsb.org

    Coach Lewis (Boy’s Head Coach):  lewischa@pcsb.org