• Welcome, to the PHU boys’ and girls’ cross country team page.

    Cross Country Team Practices:

    Mondays at (Hammock Park) Dunedin at 6pm.

    Tuesday – Friday at PHU track 2:15 – 4PM.

    Cross country team update information:

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    Students who wish to join the team must click on the website below and complete all requirements. An athlete will not be allowed to practice or join the team until all requirements have been met and cleared.


    Here's the link to athletic clearance directions:



    Student Insurance link:



    Link to Required Courses & Certificates (Concussion, Heat Related Illness, Sudden Cardiac Arrest):



    Cross Country Boys & Girls:

    Charles Lewis



    Any questions regarding athletic clearance contact Jim Felce at felcej@pcsb.org





    “We will RUN with a Purpose and RACE with a Strategy”.