• PHUHS Bookkeeping Department                       Online Payments

    • Bookkeeper: Kathy Carrubba 727-669-1131 Ext. 2006
    • Assistant Bookkeeper: Ashley Bryant  727-669-1131 Ext. 2012

    Did you know that Lost/Damaged textbook and library fines will follow you from Elementary to High School? 

    1. Per Pinellas County School’s District Bylaws and Policy Manual #6152
      1. Failure to pay fees and fines may result in the denial of participation in the graduation ceremony, athletics, or any other extra-curricular activity (Homecoming, Grad Night, Senior Breakfast and Prom). In the event the above course of action does not result in the fee being collected, the Board authorizes the Superintendent to take the student and/or his/her parents to Small Claims Court for collection.
      2. Payments for student obligations can be on the school’s website via the Revtrak online payment link on the PHUHS Website.


      • Bookkeeping Hours: Monday-Friday; 6:45-3:00
      • The fee for Student Parking Tags is $5 through the online store.  Student Parking Tags can be picked up at the Bookkeeper’s office.
      • Checks should be made payable to PHUHS with a note in the memo section stating what the payment is for.
      • Please do not leave money (cash or checks) in teacher’s mailboxes.  Money must be given directly to the teacher.
      • There is a $25 charge for all NSF checks.

    If you have any questions, bookkeeping is always happy to assist you.