Programs at Hollins High School


    Choose one, Choose two, or Choose ALL THREE!

    Hollins High School is proud to host three world class District Application Programs:

  • Academy of Entertainment Arts
  • Cambridge
  • Academy of Culinary Arts

    Flexibility + Opportunity + Excellence

    As a Hollins High School Programs Student, you have access to ALL of the courses offered throughout our three Programs.  

    For example, if you are a Cambridge student, you can also take a Culinary class as well as a course (or two) in Game Design, Music Production, Filmmaking, Animation, Brand U, Photography and many others. The only limitation is whether you have space in your course schedule.

    One of our primary goals is for students to have the flexibility to explore a variety of personal interests, discover new passions, and also have opportunities to develop and advance in those areas of interest.  Each of our three programs has been designed to maximize flexibility, while also maintaining rigor and high expectations.

    Below is a brief description of each program.  Use the links to explore each program in more depth.

  • Academy of Entertainment Arts

    The Academy of Entertainment Arts courses are for students that want to CREATE their own: 

    • Music (songs, beats, recording, producing, film scores, game scores, etc. )
    • Games (PC, mobile, RPG, side-scroller, etc.)
    • Films (short films, episodes, commercials)
    • Animations (2D, 3D, motion graphics)
    • Digital Brand (YouTube, podcasts, influencers, etc.)
    • Photos (camera, digital art)
    • Graphic Designs (posters, logos, magazine layouts)
    • Characters (2D drawing, 3D model, special effects makeup)
    • and many other creative works of technology-based art

    Many of these programs cannot be found anywhere else in the county, let alone all under one roof where creators, producersartists, and influencers of different disciplines can all co-develop in a thriving culture of collaboration, artistry, and originality.  

    Video: Click to view a video about the Academy of Entertainment Arts

  • Cambridge   

    Cambridge courses are advanced-level courses, intended for students pursuing the Cambridge diploma. These are ideal classes for typicaly college-bound students looking for "honors" or AP type courses with a high level of rigor. 

    Advanced International Certificate of Education, AICE, is an innovative and accelerated method of academic study offered solely through the University of Cambridge. In contrast to IB, the AICE program is not a prescribed set of classes but allows students the flexibility to choose a course of study that best meets their abilities and interests. Students who earn the AICE Diploma and complete the required community service hours, qualifies for the maximum Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.   

    VIDEOClick to view a video about the Cambridge program at Hollins High School

  • Academy of Culinary Arts

    Learn to create, cook, and serve for meals, special events, and banquets.  

    Students explore different fields of the culinary trade in our recently updated facility. By focusing on hands-on training, students prepare for a dynamic, rewarding career in the food service and hospitality industry. The students create, cook, and serve for monthly meals, special events and sports banquets, and hosts competitions for our community. The academy is award winning in Skills USA Regionals and State competitions, ProStart State of Florida competition, Walker Rising Stars, and the FRLAEF local competition.

    VIDEOClick to view a video about the Culinary program at Hollins High School