The PHUHS Robotics club supports STEM and engineering-related passions by giving students the opportunity to build, program, and document robots, as well as engaging in community events, through competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge, where we have amassed impressive regional, state and international recognition.  Historically, we had three teams competing, but over time we have expanded to six teams for the 2023- 2024 season, allowing over 90 members to join.  Our meetings are held in room 11-203 every Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 – 5:00pm. Anyone is welcome, and no experience is necessary!


    Current Board

    Executive Board 2023 – 2024 Season:

    • President: Rocco Melchiorre
    • Vice President: Patryk Kukula
    • Secretary: Arina Pushnikova
    • Treasurer: Luke Leininger
    • Media Coordinator: Justyna Kukula


    Over the past years, our club has been among the most successful programs in the nation.  Some of what our teams and club have accomplished include:

    • Reliably sending teams to states per season
    • Going undefeated to win the 2019 World Championship in Houston, TX
    • Starting a robotics program at an underprivileged school in India
    • Earning five qualifications for the World Championship over the past four years
    • Advancing all five of our teams to the Florida Championship (before 6 were made)
    • Fundraising over $10,000 engaging with local businesses
    • Teaching robotics lessons at over 10 schools across the county, as well as the Glazer Children's Museum and MOSI
    • Attending many community events, such as Third Friday in Safety Harbor, the Synapse Entrepreneurial Summit at Amalie Arena, and the Pinellas County STEM Fest
    • Successfully leading a Robotics Summer Camp for 6th-9th graders at PHU
    • Reliably getting top scores in Florida
    • Engaging passions and shaping career decisions of hundreds of students across the school, many of whom have been extremely successful in STEM well beyond the high school level


    Overall, we give all students the opportunity to learn and compete in incredibly successful teams and welcome anyone into the club. As one of the most accomplished clubs at the school, we believe our club is great for every passionate student interested in STEM fields.



    If you have any questions about our club, please let us know by emailing roboticsphuhs@gmail.com

    Instagram: phuhsrobotics