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    Dates for 2023-2024 School year:

    • Wednesday, November 15, 2023
    • Friday, February 2, 2024



    To the Parents or Guardians of CABAM Students


    We are excited to introduce our Job Shadowing Program for the 2023/2024 school year, and we want to share with you the rationale behind this initiative and how you can assist your child in arranging a valuable shadowing experience.


    Job Shadowing is a short-term educational experience that provides students with an opportunity to explore a particular job or career by pairing them with an employee in a business, industry, or agency. During this experience, students "shadow" the employee, gaining insights into the duties associated with the occupation, the physical setting of the job, and the compatibility of the occupation with their career goals.


    The rationale behind our Job Shadowing Program is multifaceted. Here's why we believe it is crucial for our high school business students:

    • Skill Development: Job shadowing helps students become aware of the educational and technical skills required for entry and advancement in a specific occupation.
    • Real-World Exposure: It provides students with familiarity with work-site environments and the job-related characteristics of specific careers.
    • Career Exploration: Students can discuss their areas of interest or concerns with employees in the "real world" occupation they are shadowing.
    • Relevance: By offering a relevant experience outside the classroom, employers can contribute to the education of our youth and prepare students for future career opportunities.


    Job Shadowing Program Goals: Our program aims to achieve the following goals:

    • Explore Career Options: Provide students with an opportunity to explore careers of their choice.
    • Informed Decision-Making: Help students make well-informed career decisions based on firsthand experiences.
    • Preparation: Enable students to understand what is needed to prepare for a career in their field of choice.
    • Understanding Challenges: Deepen students' understanding of the demands, rewards, and challenges of their chosen careers.



    • Broaden Horizons: Offer an overview of the world of work and career opportunities available to them.
    • Set Realistic Goals: Assist students in formulating realistic career goals.
    • Personal Growth: Promote career development and personal growth.
    • Networking: Help students develop a network of career contacts and create opportunities for summer jobs, internships, or permanent positions.


    Benefits of Job Shadowing Program: Our Job Shadowing Program offers several benefits:

    • Exposure to Diverse Careers: It exposes all business students to a broad range of careers and career-related activities consistently.
    • Preparation for Success: It helps prepare students for success beyond high school by giving them a snapshot of a day on the job.
    • Credible Information: Students receive credible information about education and training requirements and job responsibilities related to specific careers.


    Important Dates for Job Shadowing: Students will have the opportunity to shadow on the following dates for the 2023/2024 school year:

    • Wednesday, November 15, 2023: In Conjunction with American Enterprise Day
    • Friday, February 2, 2024: In Conjunction with National Job Shadow Day


    We encourage you to actively engage with your child in the process of arranging their shadowing experience. Discuss their interests, help them identify potential career paths, and support them in selecting a suitable opportunity for shadowing. Please don’t do the work for them as they will miss out on opportunities for developing necessary interpersonal skills. Information, forms, and instructions can be found in the Job Shadowing Module in Canvas.


    We believe that our Job Shadowing Program will be a valuable experience for our high school business students as they prepare for their future careers. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.


    Thank you for your support in helping our students succeed.



    Your CABAM teachers:

    Dzindzi Asamoah-Wade, Randy Homa, Jennifer Pollack, Kevin Schachter