MEN'S COACH: Brian Hanks hanksb@pcsb.org

    WOMEN'S COACH: Craig Zachar zacharc@pcsb.org

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    Women’s Team

    Men’s Team



    Karina Nordby

    Brady Byers

     Hailey Talley

    Tristan Rogers


    Aidan Attebury



    Anna Patterson


    Sophie Thompson

    Cameron Downing


    Jackson Brunnell


    Kelsey Christopher






    Trip Parrot


    Fisher Freeland


    Parker Molesworth

    Congrats to the men's golf team yesterday. We had a great day on the links as we came in second of 4 schools. Thanks to Coach Zachar for his help and Mrs. Kershaw for watching my amazing 7th period class. Big thanks to Mr. K for coming out and watching the boys on the first tee, they really appreciated the support! He was part of a MASSIVE gallery of 6 Dunedin fans on the course! Come on out and support our boys next Monday at home (Dunedin CC) at 3:00. They would love to have you.

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