DHS Spirit Guide 2023-2024



    Student Government and class officers operate Homecoming, Prom, and many

    other school activities.  Elections are held each spring (freshman held in the fall).


    CLASS                            SPONSOR                              EMAIL

    Student Gov’t.              Mrs. Hawkins                    hawkinskr@pcsb.org

    Freshman                     Mr. Szymanski                  szymanskib@pcsb.org

    Sophomore                   Mr. Szymanski                  szymanskib@pcsb.org

    Junior                           Mrs. Hawkins                   hawkinskr@pcsb.org

    Senior                           Mrs. Hawkins                   hawkinskr@pcsb.org



    Academic Team: Advisor, Dr. Deeley, 9-51, deeleyj@pcsb.org

    Competes against other county teams. Top students represent the county at State.


    Battle of the Books: Advisor, Mrs. Aliak, Media Center, aliakp@pcsb.org

    Promotes reading of 15 books chosen by Florida Teen Reads, culminating in a county-wide



    Best Buddies: Advisor, Coach Zachar, zacharc@pcsb.org

    Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization which operates as a student-run friendship club creating buddy pairs between students with and without disabilities. This program builds one-to-one friendships and helps to create an inclusive school climate for students and a community culture of acceptance.


    Chess Club: Advisor, Ms. Grizzle, 6-02, grizzlel@pcsb.org  Come join us!


    Choral Department: Advisor, Ms. Mulholland, 19-002, mulhollandc@pcsb.org

    Consistently superior-rated ensembles including Mixed Choir, Madrigals, and Falconaires.


    Dedicated Ladies of DHS (Girlfriends Club): Advisor, TBA


    Dunedin High Games: Advisor, Mr. Rooney, 9-54, rooneym@pcsb.org

    We welcome anything from video games, card games, boardgames to D&D. Come in and join a game, all are welcome.


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Students (FCA): Advisor, Dr. Deeley, 15-07, deeleyj@pcsb.org

    All are welcome for fellowship, prayer, scripture reflection and community service.


    First Priority Club: Advisor, Dr. Deeley, 15-07, deeleyj@pcsb.org

    All are welcome. The Vision is uniting the church to equip students so that every teen on campus can hear the Gospel from a friend.  https://firstpriority.club/


    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): Advisor, Ms. Kershaw, 6-52, kershawr@pcsb.org

    Promotes real-world work goals through individual and group competition in various business

    subject areas.


    Gay/Straight Alliance: Advisor, Mr. Robinson, 12-06, robinsont@pcsb.org


    Instrumental Music Department: Advisor, Ms. Alicea, 19-01, aliceak@pcsb.org

    Consistently superior-rated ensembles including Marching Band, Concert Bands, Jazz Ensemble, Pipe Band, and more.


    Interact Club: Advisor, Mrs. Cappel-Kane, messy123@aol.com

    Sponsored by the Rotary Club—This club provides community service, leadership, and friendship.


    Jewish Student Union: Advisor, Dr. Hutkin, 03-10, hutkinw@pcsb.org

    Strengthens Jewish identity and provides an opportunity for Jewish learning and interaction between and among students of  Dunedin High School.


    Key Club: Advisor, Mrs. Stoop, 6-02, stoopc@pcsb.org

    The oldest and largest student-led service program for high school students.  It is sponsored by

    Kiwanis and promotes leadership through serving others.


    Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society): Advisor, Mr. Britton, 11-06, brittont@pcsb.org

    We are a National Math Honor Society that investigates and explore math topics not normally taught in High School. The purpose of Mu Alpha Theta is to help students that have a natural curiosity of mathematics dive deeper into the understanding of what we learn in school and apply these topics into other areas of study. We also tutor other students after school. 

    National Art Honor Society: Advisor, Mr. Gulino, 7-01, gulinos@pcsb.org

    In 1978, the National Art Education Association began the NAHS program to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. The program supports members in their efforts to attain the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.


    National Honor Society: Advisor, Mrs. Murphy, 3-01, murphyama@pcsb.org

    Recognizes and calls together Dunedin’s highest achieving juniors and seniors for service in the school and community.


    National Spanish Honor Society: Advisor, Ms. Quesada, 6-11, lopezan@pcsb.org 

    Promotes interest in Hispanic studies and culture. Recognizes high achievement.


    National Technical Honor Society:  Mrs. Kershaw, 6-52, kershawr@pcsb.org

    For juniors and seniors enrolled in our CTE programs (Business, NJROTC, Culinary, Cosmetology, Architecture, Construction) with a GPA of 3.0 or above. Students participate in community service projects and tutoring.


    Navy JROTC: Advisor, Chief Johnson, 7-003, johnsonchristoph@pcsb.org

    NJROTC is more than just a club, it's a family. Cadets can hang out in "The Ship" at lunch, join afterschool/traveling teams like Drill, Color Guard, Academic, Raider, STEM and Marksmanship, or engage in impactful community service all while broadening their skills and horizons. The Naval Science class offers both HOPE and Art credits. Follow us on FB/IG @falconnavy.


    Parent Teacher Student Association—PTSA: Heather Smith-Levin, President,


    The purpose is to advocate locally and nationally on behalf of children and education. The PTSA also strives to bring home life and the school closer together.


    Philosophy and Critical Thinking (PACT): Advisor, Mr. Spera, sperar@pcsb.org


    Principals Multicultural Advisory Committee (PMAC): Advisor, Mrs. Aliak, aliakp@pcsb.org

    The purpose is to promote interaction among all racial and ethnic groups and to diminish racism, discrimination, and conflict.


    School Advisory Council—SAC: Advisor, Ms. Ondash, sondash44@gmail.com

    SAC is mandated by the Florida Legislature to create and implement the School Improvement Plan.


    Sewn Together Club: Advisor, Ms. Kuerzi, 9-08, kuerzir@pcsb.org

    For students interested in learning how to sew, craft, needlepoint, crochet, knit, quilt, and using a sewing machine. Hands on activities and open to everyone.


    SKILLS USA: Advisor, Mrs. Hawkins, 15-09, hawkinskr@pcsb.org

    Open to all students enrolled in vocational classes such as cosmetology, electrical wiring, construction and architectural design, drafting, robotics, and 3D modeling.


    STREAM Club: Advisor, Dr. Deeley, 15-07,  deeleyj@pcsb.org 

    Marine Sciences, Aerospace/Astronomy, and STEM discusses current events concerning oceans, seas, inland waterways, NASA, SpaceX, and launch events.


    Student Government Assn (SGA): Advisor, Mrs. Hawkins, 15-09, hawkinskr@pcsb.org

    Builds student leaders who plan and host school events and initiatives. All class council members are a part of SGA.


    Thespian, Comedy Club and Broadway Bound: Advisor, Ms. Mullholand, Auditorium,


    Clubs for actors. Members qualify by accumulating points given for participation in theatre events.


    Tri – M Music Honor SocietyAdvisor, Ms. Alicea, 19-02, aliceacorderok@pcsb.org 

    Honor society which recognizes gifted juniors and seniors who participate in the music department at Dunedin High School.


    Yearbook & Newspaper: Advisor, Mrs. Kuerzi, Advisor 9-08,  kuerzir@pcsb.org




    ATHLETICS - DHS is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association and participates in the Pinellas County Athletic Conference.





    Coach Kippen, kippend@pcsb.org


    Basketball Boys*  

    Coach Keys, k2ssports@aol.com


    Basketball Girls*

    Coach Rayel, rayelt@pcsb.org



    Coach Kifer, kiferg@pcsb.org



    Coach McMahon, stacyabroad@yahoo.com


    Cross Country Boys

    Coach Jones, jonesdono@pcsb.org


    Cross Country Girls

    Coach Morrison, morrisonma@pcsb.org


    Flag Football Girls*

    Coach Kifer, kiferg@pcsb.org



    Coach Disney, 455-6240, disneym@pcsb.org


    Golf Girls

    Coach Zachar, zacharc@pcsb.org


    Golf  Boys

    Coach Hanks, hanksb@pcsb.org



    NJROTC, johnsonchristoph@pcsb.org


    Soccer Boys

    Coach Cummings, cummingsam@pcsb.org


    Soccer Girls

    Coach Taylor, gwtant@yahoo.com


    JV Soccer Girls

    Coach Cummings, cummingsam@pcsb.org


    Softball Girls

    Coach Malone, 727-688-4689, maloneb@pcsb.org


    Swim & Dive Boys/Girls

    Coach Rayel, rayelt@pcsb.org


    Tennis Boys/Girls

    Coach Harrison, harrisonbr@pcsb.org


    Track Boys/Girls

    Coach Morrison, morrisonma@pcsb.org


    Volleyball Var. Girls

    Coach Hauskey, jhauskey1@gmail.com


    Volleyball JV Girls

    Coach Hauskey, jhauskey1@gmail.com



    Coach C., blackmoreidec@pcsb.org



    *denotes both varsity and junior varsity