• Hello new Dunedin Falcon family!


    We are honored to have you as part of our school community, and we thank you for accepting our invitation to have your student be a part of our Falcon family.  Welcome!


    Over the last couple of days, we have been updating our lists of new students who have joined one of our District Application Programs, and now we want to guide you through the next steps process in getting your student registered at Dunedin High, while also beginning the process of creating your student’s potential class schedule for next fall.  Instructions on how and where to share your completed documents will be detailed below.  Let’s get started:



    Step 1:  If your student is new to the Pinellas County School system, you will begin here by completing the forms linked below.  One is for student and parent account registration, and the second is for the Home Language Survey of which you will only need to complete the survey that best fits your language of choice, English or Spanish.  Once completed, move on to Step 2.


    If your student is already registered as a Pinellas County student, you may move on to Step 2.



    New Student to Pinellas County Schools Registration Information


    Home Language Survey in English




    Encuesta Sobre el Idioma del Hogar - Home Language Survey in Spanish



    Step 2:  Proof of Residency, instructions below, and school registration, link provided. 


    Proof of residency: Present two of the following items: utility bill for power, water, cable, sewer or land based telephone (not cellular); rental agreement or lease; closing document; Pinellas County tax statement with homestead exemption. The items must be recent and contain the name of the parent/guardian and service address on them.


    If you do not have two of these items in the name of the parent or guardian, you must complete an Affidavit of Residency. This document is available at schools and by visiting the district website at www.pcsb.org. It must be completed, notarized on both sides and submitted with one of the items listed in the name of the person with whom you reside and who is listed on the affidavit.


    K-12 Student Registration Form



    Step 3:  Now is the fun part.  Picking your student’s classes.  The link below will connect you to everything you need to assist in choosing your student’s classes for next Fall.  Now, your student’s core classes (Math, English, Social Studies, and Science) are determined by your student’s incoming grades, high school credits earned, and test scores.  From there you will indicate the program you have been accepted into: Architecture, Construction, Fundamental, or Robotics.  Also, if you wish to read more information about the classes we offer, download the curriculum guide, and check out what they entail.


    (Note:  If your student is fundamental, they are eligible to select Architecture, Construction, or Robotics as an elective course.  Simply mark it at the top of the form.)


    Dunedin High School Academic and Curriculum Guides



    Step 4:  Submission.  Once you have collected the documentation and completed the necessary forms, you can deliver them to campus, or preferably, submit them electronically to Ms. Koster at KOSTERB@PCSB.ORG.  You can also contact her at 727-469-4100 x2008 to ask any questions or make an appointment.  She is our Data Management Technician, who handles all of our registration and incoming student needs. 


    As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.  Traditionally, we have hosted an incoming freshman night on campus featuring all or our clubs, sports, and organizations.  We showcased our AP courses, and had our students and instructors available for questions and conversations.  And the highlight of the evening would be your student picking up their tentative Fall class schedule.  Of course, with the current Covid protocols, we will more than likely not be able to host such an event, and if not, we will create some form of virtual incoming freshman night for you and your student to attend.  Look for further information on this event to be released some time near the beginning of April.



    Again, we are excited to welcome you and your student to Dunedin High School.  We value our students, staff, families, and community, and we look forward to working with your family in producing a successful, and enjoyable, high school experience for your student.  All the best and go Falcons!