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    2019 Color Guard

    NJROTC is a youth education program sponsored by the Navy whose purpose is to bring out the best in every student. It is available for students in grades 9 through 12. Only a select few schools are fortunate enough to have such a program, and we are proud to be one of them. We are a unit dedicated to teaching cadets "Service to others above self.” Our mission is to prepare the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow by teaching them teamwork and follower-ship, as well as the leadership and management skills needed for success. 

    Our NJROTC unit has been recognized for its excellence annually for the past 6 years by being designated a "Unit Achievement".  This distinction is a reflection of the hard work of the cadets, our Naval Science instructors, our wonderful faculty and the entire community of Dunedin. We would not be here without you.



    The things taught in class are broad and varied, designed to provide students with the tools needed for success.  The foundation is laid during the first year when students learn to be solid citizens and do cool stuff like learning teamwork while marching, learning exacting attention to detail during marksmanship training, and learning social etiquette in preparation for the annual ball. 


    Cadets in Year 1 (NS1) learn military drill, military customs & ceremonies, naval ships, survival training, physical fitness and health education, as well as basic leadership and follower-ship skills.


    Cadets in Year 2 (NS2) learn land navigation, seamanship and navigation, maritime history, study maritime geography and meteorology, and learn some advanced leadership and communication skills.  


    Cadets in Year 3 (NS3) learn advanced citizenship and leadership skills, have an intro to naval engineering, naval operations, and learn to lead and manage events.


    Cadets in Year 4 (NS4) take charge of the unit and plan our numerous events and activities.  They also serve in leadership positions and are responsible for the junior cadets assigned to them.  They also learn many life skills like personal financial management, car buying, how to transition successfully from high school, public speaking, and ethics.


    Throughout the course cadets are graded in their uniform appearance, manners and bearing.  All cadets participate in marching drill, physical training and marksmanship training each year, with increased expectations each year as well.

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     Color Guard Request Form

    We received final word that the Falcon Navy has qualified for States and will be competing in Winter Park, FL  March 4th and 5th. We will be facing the top teams in Florida for a chance to represent Area 7 and all of Florida in the Navy Nationals. Our cadets have overcome some tremendous obstacles this season, surpassed their own goals as a unit and improved across the board earning them a highly-coveted invitation to the Area 7 Drill Championship. We are extremely proud of this group and know that this is the start of something great for our cadets, our unit and our school. Hooyah Falcons!


    NJROTC had a very successful drill meet on Saturday, January 22nd bring home some hard-earned hardware. Cadets competed against 15 others schools including National Powerhouse Gaither High School and state leaders Riverview, Spoto, Fivay and Mitchell. The Falcon Navy’s effort paid off with a 4th place finish Color Guard and a 1st place finish in Armed Exhibition Drill. Cadets will hit the field again for the USF Battle of the Bulls on February 5th. Good luck Falcons!

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