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    Clearwater Marine JROTC VS Dunedin Navy JROTC Annual Drill Meet   2017-2018

     Event                            GySgt            SSgt A      SSgt H      Sgt R          PO2 C       Total           Avg

    Unarmed       CHS


















    Armed            CHS


















    Crunches       CHS


















    100yd            CHS


















    400yd            CHS


















    Tug of War









    Clearwater - 4

    Dunedin      - 2













    Senior Naval Science instructor:Captain James Facinelli

    10 years teaching at naval air training command

    Attended Penn State University B.S. , U West Florida,MBA.



    • Promotes Patriotism
    • Develops informed and responsible citizens
    • Develops respect for constructed authority
    • Develops leadership potential
    • Promotes high school completion
    • Promotes higher education
    • Promotes community service
    • Develops a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership
    • Promotes an understanding of the basic elements of, and need for, national security
    • Provides information on the military services as a possible career

    Weekly Schedule

    1. Monday
      1. Close Order Drill Marching
      2. Builds teamwork
      3. Learn to be obedient to orders
      4. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals
    2. Tuesday
      1. Classroom environment
      2. Bring pen,pencil, textbook etc.
      3. Be attentive
    3. Wednesday
      1. Uniform inspection
      2. Must wear uniform all day
    4. Thursday
      1. Same as Tuesday
    5. Friday
      1. Physical Fitness training
      2. Must wear gold pt shirt and navy blue shorts

    Drill Team

        The Drill Team is separated into two groups, one with and one without rifles. Drill team competes in several drill meets throughout the year and they perform in community parades and ceremonies as well. The Color Guard is available to all cadets. Each Color Guard performance consists of four or five members: two guards or rifle bearers,  the American flag, the Unit flag, and the Navy flag. The Color Guard is the most seen team performing at all home DHS football games, BlueJay opening game, TB Rays, and TB Lightning games, as well as other various community events. They also compete along with the drill team during drill meets.

    Gun Range

    To become a member one must pass a written test that covers range safety. One must also obtain parental consent to shoot. The team participates in matches including the Pinellas Drill meet, throughout the year. The team uses a .177 caliber air rifle to shoot at targets that are 10 meters (33 feet) from the firing line. They shoot from three positions: prone, standing, kneeling.

    Academic Team

    The team competes on the academic portion of the Drill Meets. There are two or three per year. They also participate in Area 7 (Florida) Brain Brawls. Each test consists of one hundred multiple-choice questions, based on Naval Science I, II, and III textbooks.

    Athletic Team

    The Athletic Team is made up of cadets from each grade level that possess the desire to achieve an optimal level of physical conditioning. The Team Competes in areas of push-ups, sit-ups, and running events during a drill meet. The Athletic Team members train for drill meets as well as orienteering meets.  Orienteering is a sport that involves land navigation over unfamiliar terrain using a compass and a topographic map. It is a challenging individual sport that is fun and rewarding. It involves critical thinking while running through the woods from one point to another.


    August 7th - Purple Heart Park Dunedin CG

    September 8th - Football CG, Security, Chain Crew

    September 20th - Blood Drive DHS #1

    September 22nd-Football CG, Security , Chain Crew

    September 23rd- Gaither’s Brain Brawl, GHS

    October 11th- Junior Achievement- OZONA

    October 13th-  Football CG, Security, Chain Crew

    October 14th -Orienteering Moss Park

    October 21st- Central Drill Meet, Brooksville

    November 2nd- Food Drive DHS

    November 3rd- Football CG, Security, Chain Crew

    November 11th- Orienteering - Croom

    November 17th - Food Drive ends

    November 29th - Junior Achievement- Curlew

    December 2nd- Gaither’s Annual “Battle of the Bay” field meet

    December 5th -Blood Drive DHS #2

    December 9th - Orienteering Lake Louisa

    December 22nd Toys For Tots

    January 10th- Junior Achievement Garrison Jones

    January 13th- Lake Howell Brain Brawl

    January 13th-  Orienteering- Whispering pines park ( Navy Qualifier)

    January 16th- STS Air Rifle Dixie Hollins

    January 20th - SPOTO Spartan Challenge Field Meet

    January 26th- Pinellas County meet

    January 27th- Riverview H.S. Color Guard Meet

    February 3rd- Orienteering at USF

    February 4rd - USF Battle of the Bulls Field Meet

    February 7th - Junior Achievement - Leila Davis

    February 8th- Blood Drive DHS #3

    March 3rd- Area SEVEN (state) Championship Field Meet  (hosted oviedo)

    March TBA- Area SEVEN Brain Brawl at Gaither

    April 4th - Leadership Luncheon (banquet masters)

    April 14th -Orienteering - JROTC State Championships

    April 18th- Blood Drive #4

    April TBA- Navy National Brain Brawl

    May 2nd- Awards Night NJROTC DHS Auditorium

    June TBA- Area Seven Leadership Academy Session #1

    June TBA- Area Seven Sail Academy Session #1

    June TBA- Area Seven Leadership Academy Session #2

    June TBA- Area Seven Sail Academy Session #2

    TBA- To Be Announced



    Amy Kemerer - Junior - 3rd Year in class

    “I love being in NJROTC because it gives me a lot of opportunities to be involved within the school and community.”

    Freshman -  1st year in class

    “My experience in ROTC has been great. I’ve learned to be more respectful and how the Navy works.”

    Mubera - Senior - 4th year in class

    NJROTC is a program where students are taught important traits like leadership, self-discipline, respect, and much more that they can use in the future. You also learn the different parts of the Navy and most military customs. I love being in ROTC. I never thought I'd stay after my second year but I just got hooked into the environment and enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay for all four years. I can't really speak for anybody else, but from what I see on a daily basis, the cadets really enjoy the atmosphere that we've created and the type of energy it gives off, which is what really makes it so great. The certain duties we have can range from having a specific charge such as being on staff or being a squad leader or just simply wearing the uniform. We also require the cadets to complete community service while they are enrolled in the program which can also benefit them later in life. Some events that we go to are parades such as the Christmas parade in downtown Dunedin or the Toys for Tots community service where we hand out toys to parents which also happens around Christmas.