Dunedin Falcons Coaching Staff 


    Coach Disney, Head Coach – disneym@pcsb.org



     Varsity Schedule Kick off 7:30


    17        Thurs.              @ Admiral Farragut (Scrimmage)                                         

    25        Fri.                   @ Clearwater                                                                       


      1        Fri.                   Osceola  

      8        Fri.                   Seminole                                                                                             

    15        Fri.                   Bye Week                                           

    22        Fri.                   Dixie Hollins                                                  

    28        Thurs.              @ Lakewood                District                      



      6        Fri.                   @ Countryside

    13        Fri.                   Tarpon Springs          District                                   

    20        Fri                    @ Pinellas Park                                              

    27        Fri                    @ Gibbs                       District              



      3        Fri                    Palm Harbor  



    Nykheria Hamm and Brice Lawrence, staff writers, interview Coach Disney about his first year here at DHS and this is what he had to say.


    Q: Why do you coach here?

    A: "I've always wanted to be a head coach. I've been an assistant for 10 years and I wanted to take the opportunity when I saw it was open."

    Q: What steps will you take to improve the football team?

    A: "First, with academics; if they are good with academics it will show on the field."

    Q: How do you handle criticism from fans?

    A: "I'm pretty used to it. I have tough skin. I mean, a lot of people who criticize have never been in my shoes. so it doesn't really bother me."

    Q: What is your philosophy on discipline?

    A; "You have to be consistent with discipline. If they get in trouble you have to hold them accountable because they will continue to misbehave."

    Q: Where do you see your season going this year?

    A: "I'm looking for everything to improve and effort everywhere, and for players to keep their heads up."

    Q: What's your goal for the football team?

    A: "I want them to all go to college, football or not. I want good members of society."

    Q: Do you see potential in your football players that work hard?

    A: "Absolutely! I see some in every player especially the young players."