• Want to become a pilot? Want to become an astronaut?  Or how about pick any career in the area of aviation and aerospace.  If you have the passion, perseverance and aptitude, you have choices.  Pick a path…. Shared Joe Capobianco at the Dunedin High School Aviation club.  Students are encouraged to explore all facets of aviation and aerospace. Students asked intriguing questions not only about careers, but also about Mr. Capobianco’s amazing and heroic 30 years in service in the Army and his current consulting experience.

    Pick a Path            

    Students with the Dunedin High School aviation and aerospace club were treated to a presentation by Air Force refueler and United airlines pilot, Mike Daley. He shared about how his journey to a pilot career and his experience as an Airforce refueler pilot and the recent flyover at Raymond James stadium. Students are inspired. 

        Becoming a Pilot     Plane Diagram