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    The safety and health of the student athletes , staff, and the community is our priority. Based on recommendations from the PCS Medical Advisory Committee below are the Pinellas County attendance rules to start the fall sport seasons. The attendance rules are subject to adjustments based on the COVID-19 conditions in our high schools and the updated advice from the medical professionals. Please consider the following rules and procedures when preparing to attend a game this season.

    • Attendance at games will be limited to 25% or less of the stadium’s capacity. Parents of athletes ( home and visitor) will be given priority to purchase tickets. If there are any tickets available after parents of the athletes have purchased their tickets the remaining tickets will be sold electronically through GoFan at www.gofan.co the day before the game. No tickets will be sold at the school stadium.
    • All football games will be streamed live through the NFHS network. You can subscribe to the service at www.nfhsnetwork.com.
    • Spectators must wear a mask while attending the game.
    • Spectators should social distance and sit only in designated areas.
    • Food sold at the concession stands will be limited to pre-prepared food choices.  Be prepared to use only a credit or debt card at some locations. 
    • Varsity and JV football will be at  25% of the stadium capacity and admission will be by electronic tickets only.All games will be streamed on the NFHS network.
    • Varsity and JV volleyball will not allow spectators through September 18 - volunteers and game officials only. All  games will be streamed on NFHS network.  Spectators may be allowed starting September 19. Tickets must be purchased electronically only
    • Swimming/Dive No spectators through September 18– volunteers and meet officials only.
    • Golf: Parents may attend if the hosting golf course allows. 
    • Cross Country:  Spectators must stay in the viewing area designated by the meet host. Spectators will not be permitted at the start or finish lines

    Note: The above attendance policy is for Pinellas County Schools athletics home events.  Other districts may have their own attendance policies.”