HEAD BOYS' COACH: Dr. Judith Deeley deeleyj@pcsb.org

    HEAD GIRLS' COACH: Maria Morrison morrisonma@pcsb.org.




    Coach Morrison

    This is mysecond year coaching cross country at Dunedin High School. I am excited to share my love of running with you. I began running competitively my freshman year in high school because my sister joined the team. I decided to tag along to practice rather than wait around for my parents and the rest is history….

    My first 5-K meet I ran a 31:00, so believe me when I say I know we all start somewhere. By the end of my first season I was second on the varsity team running consistently in the 21:00. Upon graduating from high school, I received an athletic/ academic scholarship to Siena Heights University where I ran cross-country and track.

    My coaching philosophy is pretty-simple: I will only ask of you what I know you’re capable of doing.  Many people say, “I can’t run” I simply don’t believe this to be true. Everyone can run; it takes time, discipline and the fortitude to keep moving forward.  If you’re willing to do the work to get better, I am committing to run next to you and help you improve.

    I hope to hear from you soon. You can reach me by e-mail at morrisonma@pcsb.org or by phone at 727-386-9122

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     2021 Season Recap



    Dunedin High School Cross County team participated in the Weekie Wachee Invitational on 10/2/21. 


    Cross Country



    Congratulations to Clemente Espiollia for breaking the Dunedin High School 5k record! He is officially the fastest Falcon Ever!!!

    Invite 1                     2

    2021 Hammock Park Invitational Meet