• Dunedin High School is the pilot school for on-line athletic paperwork submission. Please follow the directions below in order to expedite the review and approval of your student’s ability to participate in athletics.

    Once submitted, please allow 5 days for review of a traditional student’s information. Students who are transfers, or attend academic classes at a different high school will take longer.

    Prior to completing the on-line process, the following items MUST be completed, and the related documents saved to your computer/device in a manner that allows you to attach/upload them with your submission (i.e. Saving the documents in PDF format in your computer/device).


    Form EL2- Sports physical- EL-2 Form


    The 3 page form must be completed in its entirety. This includes:

    - All information on Part 1 complete and legible;

    - All medical review items checked either “yes” or “no”;

    - Signed by STUDENT and PARENT at the bottom of page 1.

    - Page 2 completed and signed by health care provider.

    - Page 3 is only necessary if referred to a specialist for review - but it must be included with your upload.


    Proof of purchase of school insurance. Click here to purchase school insurance.


    1. If your student plays football, you must choose the appropriate football insurance VR= Varsity, JV= Junior Varsity. If your student is in 9th grade, and you choose JV, you are permitted to upgrade to VR in the event he plays with the Varsity team.

    2. For all other sports, select the insurance option that makes the most sense for your particular situation.

    3. After purchase, you will be presented with a receipt. Save this receipt to your computer for uploading later.

    Online courses for student athlete to complete:




      The student will need to create an account, register and purchase the courses.  There is no charge - The price is $0.00.


    1. There are 3 courses that need to be completed:

                 *Concussion in Sports

                 *Heat Illness Prevention

                 *Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    1. At the end of successful completion, a certificate will be presented. Save the certificate to your computer for upload later.


    After all of the above documents are saved to your computer/device, you should access the Athletic Clearance online paperwork system using the link below. The process must be started by the Parent/Guardian of the athlete, as it contains several releases. The student athlete, and parent/guardian for the athlete, should both be available to complete the electronic signature portions of the process.


    If this is your first time using the system, you will be asked to create an account.  You can use this account for multiple athletes, and in succeeding years. There is a tutorial video available below the account creation area.


    In the event any document you submit contains an error or omission, you will be sent an email from “Athletic Clearance” (you may need to check your spam folder), advising you what needs to be corrected.  When your student is approved to participate, the parent/guardian and the coach will receive notification via email from “Athletic Clearance.”


    If you are ready to proceed, click the link below. If you have already entered the system this school year, please use the login credentials you created previously.